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03 March 2015



   If you like jewellery with spiritual signs, Devonian Mists is the online shop, where you can stop and look around. It has also shop on Ebay and ETSY. Whatever you believe in, some items here, might fit to your searchings.

   The shop offers large diapason of different items.

   All the items there are handmade by very talented artist.

  You can also find here lovely perfume oils, incenses, crystals, chests, decorations...

   I liked some items from the Jewellery category.

   I received them by post within a week. When I opened the packet, I found them each one in very cute pocket, in this cute way:


Here - the photo with flash

   The first item: bracelet with one charm - THE TREE OF LIFE:

   TRIQUETRA bracelet - very beautiful looking on the hand:

  3 Clip Bracelet Charms, very beautiful - PENTAGRAM, GODDESS, TRIQUETRA:

   If you want to add more charms, see here for the other kinds of them.

   Also, there is ready 11 charm bracelet.

   Elegant necklace TRIQUETRA:

   Beautiful Bookmark PENTAGRAM:

 Very beautiful and elegant earrings GODDESS TRIQUETRA Celtic knot:

  All items, which I purchased from the interesting shop DEVONIAN MISTS - elegant and beautiful:

Photo in daylight

Photo with flash


   All items are very high quality. All their details are very fine and delicate - real beautiful masterpieces. They are covered with 935 silver bath. 

   About the care of them - do not spray perfume on them, or on the skin under them (before you wear them). This can cause damage. Always clean them carefully with very soft cotton tissue, before put them back into your jewellery box.

   Very, very beautiful items!

   I recommend them!

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