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25 February 2015



   I recently tested this nice perfume from AVON's line "Today, Tomorrow, Always, Forever".

   This fragrance is very light, but stays long. It's floral-green. According to FRAGRANTICA's description, it's composition from:


starfruit, kiwi, jasmine pearl tea


sunburst lily, everlasting flower, yellow tulip

bamboo and lacewood, combined with creamy cotton musk   

   This perfume has been defined as tropical fruit scent. It's been created 2005.

   The transparent massive glass bottle has clear rectangular shape, with asymmetrical cap. 

   The product itself has light green color.

Here is the ingredients' list


   Nice perfume, suitable for daywear, for spring, summer (night), fall season, even during the winter - daytime.

  The scent lasts maximum 2 hours - after it blends beautifully like tender background.

   Very delicate, elegant and clear. If you are working in office, it's very suitable!


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