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25 February 2015

A SCENT - Perfumed Shower Gel by ISSEY MIYAKE

   Today, I wanna make short note about product, which I purchased recently and I'm already using one week: A SCENT - Perfume Shower Gel by Issey Miyake.

  I came across this product, by browsing online shop I've never tried before any product from Issey Miyake. Honestly, I was searching for perfume scent, which is very close to the Nature's scent green, cold and pure mountain morning fresh air. I read the description of this aromat in - my favorite Perfume Encyclopedy <3, and I took decision to try the shower gel. That was really very good decision!


The shower gel in the box, sealed with nylon

   FRAGRANTICA describes the the notes in A SCENT as follows: "This is a minimalistic, simple and clear fragrance inspired by Japanese mountains. Behind its transparency, this perfume hides a strong floral wave of jasmine, hyacinth and cedar. Freshness is added by French verbena and lemon, which make this fragrance more feminine. Aromas of galbanum add fondling, balmy and warm trail.". I am absolutely agree about the Verbena and Lemon. But there is something more about this note of Freshness...

   Also this product is enriched with Tsubaki Oil - Japanese Camellia, fine care for your skin's moisture level.

   The product is originally in paper box, sealed with nylon. The bottle is some sort of soft plastic - I think, nmost probably silicone, 200 ml. Very comfortable for touch and use.


   The scent of A SCENT perfumed shower gel is wonderful pure mountain morning freshness, leaving on your skin delicate notes, awakening your senses for wonderful beginning of each new day!

   It have soft washing effect on your skin, nourishing it with the rich Japanese Camellia oil!

   If you are lover of the pure fresh delicate scents, A SCENT is for you!
   This product is "working" wonderful for me! I hope, it will does the same for you!

   It's definitely - A MUST HAVE product!!!

   Yes, I recommend it!!!

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