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31 January 2015

HEAVENLY HYDRATION Facial Oil by AVON - "Planet Spa"

   Hello, my dear riders!

   AVON introduced in the last catalogues new product from the line "PLANET SPA" - HEAVENLY HYDRATION with Mediterranean Olive Oil FACIAL OIL.

   As the Asian cosmetics market freaked out about this kind of skin care - ampoules with natural ingredients, the western cosmetics market started to expand this type of products among all known brands, including AVON.

   And here, we see this interesting product.

   The product itself is very light and has very light scent, too - like olives, but not like authentic olive oil. The color is light green. It comes in 30 ml glass bottle with glass pipette. 

   It swipes easy and absorbs very fast from the skin, without leaving any oily traces. 

   You usually must use it on clear skin, under your cream or moisturizer, night time.

   It's suitable for all skin types.

   Just apply it on clean skin and spread it with light massage motions, without any pressure.

   Here is list of all ingredients, included inside the ampoule:

   - Mineral oil

   - Parfum

   - BHT

   - Tocopherol

   From all containing ingredients, the one disturbing appears to be Phenoxyethanol - forbidden in Japan for use in cosmetics and especially in products, for lips or around the mouth. According to EWG's Skin Deep, it has score 4.  


   High quality product.

   If you think, that this is your product you need, you can try it.


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