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27 January 2015

Ampoule Vitamin C for face treatment and skincare by IT'S SKIN

   Hello, Ladies!

  I want to post this short note about very good skincare product, which you can eventually use - it is from the IT'S SKIN's skincare line POWER 10 FORMULA.

   I got 3 of them from KOREADEPART and now I am using this ampoule - VC EFFECTOR with Vitamin C Derivative.
Power 10 Formula - VC EFFECTOR with Vitamin C Derivative by IT'S SKIN

   What this product is suppose to do for your skin care?

   Most of us we know the powerful effect of Vitamin C about our health and what it does.
  This ampoule contains Vitamin C + Green Tea extract + PGA components.

   The effect from this product:

   - Skin brightening - helps fighting pigmented spots on your skin and blemishes

   - Ten brightening

   - Pore tightening effect

   - Moisturizes the skin

   - Improves the skin elasticity

   The product comes in massive 30 ml, yellow colored glass ampoule bottle with pipette and plastic cover.

   The serum is half-milky, half-transparent not very liquid. It has very light fresh lemon scent.


   There is small scale on the bottle for measuring the quantity.

   If you are going to use Vitamin C containing products, you must keep in mind two very important things:

   1. Use ONLY WINTER time, when the sun is not so intensive or almost there is no sun. Other way, you can have skin problems related with irritation, because of foto-reaction and increased sensitivity.

   2. Don't use Vitamin C products the same time with Peptides containing products - the Vitamin C makes reaction with the Peptides and destroys them.


   Very good quality product. It does, what it claims.

   As any other product, this also works after regular and right way of usage.


Natalié Beauté

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