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21 January 2015

BB Beauty Balm - Skin Perfecting Balm by FARMASI


  Skin Perfecting Balm - BB Beauty Balm by FARMASI is newest product, which I tested last month.

  Usually BB and CC products are separated in two major groups - Asian (original conception) and Western (not same - still as foundation and tinted moisturizer).

   This product belongs to both group - FARMASI claims into the description in the description, that this product has repairing abilities, also.  

   What you need to know about this product.

   It's suitable for all skin types - specific recommendations are not available.

   As you can see - it contains:

   - Macadamia Oil

   - Argan Oil

   - Vitamin B3

   - Oat Extract

   - Silk protein

   - Collagen

   - SPF 15

   In the moment, when you put on your skin - it look exactly like Garnier BB cream - thick consistency, intense pigmentation. But when you start to apply it by swapping on your skin, in its final appearance it shows powdery finish (also smells powdery).

   Also, you must know, during the moment of applying, that if you have dry skin areas, it's better to mix it with little skin moisturizing product, because it not - later, it's possible to pre-expose some even invisible wrinkles (as every thick foundation can do). So, for better absorbing on the dry skin areas - mix it with little amount of moisturizer. That will be ok. How little? You will decide according to the individual condition of your skin. (I mean areas like around the mouth, under the eyes ot in the eyes corners (if you make accent there). 

   REMEMBER: Everything is individual! Your skin - also! So, you must make every single product to work for you, according to your individual characteristics.

   You can apply it with fingers or - better, with brush.

   Difference from Garnier BB Cream:

   - Garnier BB Cream is tinted moisturizer and gives skin appearance with slight glow - not illuminating finish effect, but in the meaning of little glossy, but well looking.

   - BB Beauty Balm by FARMASI has powdery looking effect and gives scent of powder.

   It is available in two color categories - Light to Medium, Medium to Dark. Please, keep in mind, that Medium to Dark responds very closely to Natural Beige pigment by AVON (Flawless Line's cosmetics products).

   One tip - as all face covering tinted products, you must also be careful, when you put on your clothes, because it will give color on them.


   If you think, that this product if your product - it will work for you very well.


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