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27 January 2015

TANGLE TEEZER - My choice and advices

   Hello, Ladies!

  Today I wanna make notice about product, which I am using already 1 month and it works for me - it does, what it claims.

   TANGLE TEEZER - yes, we all know about it, we all saw it on the market.

   What is all this about?

   It's lets say system for easy and harmful hair detangling and combing.

   This is the model, which I choose:

   I found this model very comfortable - it has handle and very cute design.

  What is most important about how this hair detangler works is the needle's part.

   1. The needles are plastic - they are not hard, they are flexible moving, providing gentle scalp massage, so, this way, they are gentle to the scalp.

   2. The needles are in 3 different heights. You can see this if you look at the brush in the direction of its profile and the same time little bit in diagonal. This way, the needles can catch all hairs and gently to detangle them, working on the problem zones.

   3. The needles are coming directly from the foundation of the brush - they are not impaled in, so they do not stick and brake your hair there, in their bases:

   Here you can see, what I mean:


   As I already said, Tangle Teezer is designed to detangle your hair gently and effectively, without to cause break or damage on your hair.

   How to work with it?

   Let's say your hair is middle to long length.

   It's semi-wet or dry. Maybe, you want to use hair detangling spray and/or crystals.

   Staying in front of the mirror and looking at your hair, I advice you to imagine that your hair is divided on three horizontal levels - lower level (the hair tips, which are usually dry and very weak and possible to be damaged), middle level and top level.

   You divide your hair on 4, 6, vertical parts; you took one part from your hair, starting to detangle/comb very gently from the hair tips. Very gently you start to brush with the tip of the brush, too. After every successfully detangle part, the higher level you shall go. 


   - work on your hair slowly and carefully

   - always start from down to up


   If we know how and if we have enough patience, we can make this product to work wonderfully for us.

   It really helps and does what it claims.


Natalié Beauté

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