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30 September 2014

Glow by Avon - Beach Brights Eyeliner!!! Review...

   Hello, friends!

   One nice product! One really nice product I found and I am very happy with it - in all its colors, which are available and I tried!

   I'm talking about the new Avon Glow Beach Brights Liquid Eye-liner!

  It's available in 4 different colors - exotic orchid, green oasis, ocean water, tropical blue.

 All colors are perfect for all seasons - they are vivid, beautiful, vibrant shine-pearl shades. 
   The colors are buildable.

GLOW by Avon - exotic orchid, green oasis, ocean water, tropical blue

   They are suitable not only for Summer, but for all seasons, even for the approaching fall. With little bit dose of fantasy and everything is possible.

   Their formula is very light and causes no irritation. Also - not waterproof.

   It doesn't provoke some tears sometimes, as some bright eyeliners are doing (as if there is some alcohol or another strong element inside the formula). That's why, I believe they are absolutely good for people with contact lenses. 

GLOW by Avon - exotic orchid, green oasis, ocean water, tropical blue

   Another think, which I like very much about their formula - it's very easy to wash them out. Even with water. Just water. First, it's like little bit creamy texture, but after 2-3 swipes more, they are easily gone.

GLOW by Avon - exotic orchid, MADE IN ARGENTINA

   All products are with expire date 12M - (12 months), after opening.

   Here, you can see the swatches of each color:

GLOW by Avon - exotic orchid, green oasis, ocean water, tropical blue - SWATCHES

Beautiful bright colors, increasing the beauty of each color's eyes and perfectly suitable for every girl, and every season.

   I recommend!

Natalié Beauté

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