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01 November 2014


   Hello friends!

  I wanna share what is in my Superbox #59 Halloween Special!

Superbox #59 Halloween Special


The first product - lips tattoo
Under the tatoo is the description of the products


    Another one lovely box full of full sized interesting high quality products, which you can use for your Halloween makeup and especially, if you wanna appear as sexy vamp :)


 Face Control Foundation 100 White 17 g by REVECEN  (normal price 17 USD)
  The first product is Foundation of the REVECEN brand, which is represented in this box with 5 products.
Face Control Foundation 100 White 17 g by REVECEN

"With this foundation you can cover all defects on your face perfectly and naturally.
Excellent moisturizing effect and good coverage even with thin applying.
Protects your skin from UV rays and pollution prominently."

   This product itself, works to cover up skin imperfections and to control dull, yellow skin tone and for more balanced and healthy look. Here, this Face Control Foundation is in color White - suitable for Halloween pale-white tan. 


  The company suggests: "Use a makeup sponge or your ringer to apply the hard-type foundation evenly over your face. To be used as a face paint, make sure you apply it thickly over multiple times, so that the whiteness lasts long enough for the night."

   The product contains natural ingredients and preservatives:

   Euphorbia Cerifera (Candelilla) Wax (Anti-aging)

   Copernica Cerifera (Carnauba) Wax

   Citrus Grandis (Grapefruit) fruit Extract

 Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) Flower/Leaf Extract

   Camellia Sinensia Leaf Extract

   Magnolia Cobus Bark Extract

   Salix Alba (Willow) Bark Extract

   Propolis Extract


   Thujopsis dolabrata BRANCH Extract

   (In the description of the product is written Green Tea also, but I didn't find on the back side of the product)

   The company approves: "REVECEN use the best materials."    
   It's suitable for all types of skin.


   Product, suitable for Halloween make up foundation. Helps to achieve white tan. It's buildable.

   * * *

   Cake Eye Liner Black 3.5 gr   (normal price 8 USD)

REVECEN - Cake Eye Liner

   You can use this product as eyeshadows. Also, you can use it wet - with painting brush for drawing on your face or body. Also, you can use it wet as eyeliner: when it gets wet, it becomes into a gel-type eyeliner with thin eyeliner brush.

   The product is available in two colors - Black and Brown.

   It's buildable.


  Very useful functions and effects - product, exactly for Halloween for enhancing the dramatic effect of your appearance.

* * *

   Supra Lining Color 007 Purple 17 g   (normal price 30 USD)

   This product is another one face & body painting product.

   It has hard creamy texture.

   You can apply it with finger or brush - eyeliner or lip brush.



  I tested this product - it's also long time wearable as the other products and also it's buildable.

   Very good product.

* * *

   Eye Lash 1ea  (normal price 6 USD)

   This product has been randomly selected from No. 5, No. 6 and No. 7

   In my box was No. 5 Professional make up Eyelash:


   The brand offers 10 different types of eyelashes. All of them have black, not transparent silicone line.

   They can be interesting unusual detail form your Halloween make up.

   They come with adhesive glue.

   Use as usual.


  If you need something which is out of the standard eyelash "line", you can choice one of REVECEN 10 eyelashes models.

* * *

   Liquid Lipstick Blood 8 ml   (normal price 16 USD)

   Amazing dark hot & spicy color!

Liquid Lipstick Blood by REVECEN

   Swatches of Liquid Lipstick Blood and Supra Lining Color 007 Purple.

Swatches - the model, which I asked to introduce the product has very fair skin

    The blood liquid lipstick is product not only for lips, but for body. It's purpose is to give realistic and vivid illusion of blood.

     You can use as lipstick, as drop around your lipstick or also to draw and color scar.


   Very good product. Right choice.

* * *

   Lip Tattoo 1ea by Elizavecca  (normal price 14 USD)

   The product is randomly selected from #032 Burgundy and #033 Dark Burgundy.
 Lip Tattoo 1ea by Elizavecca 

   In my box the Lip Tattoo are #032 Burgundy.

There are 2 tattoo in one packet


   Waterproof and long lasting product - 8 hours "without any smudges whatsoever" (as the company describes).

  Before apply, you need to make peeling procedure with scrub. Also, your lips must be oil-free.

   Adjust the tattoo shape, according to your lips and put on your lips. After tap on it with wet cotton or some other tissue and very carefully press it.

  Removing process: remove with cleansing oil, rubbing gently with tissue.


   I still did not test this product, but it looks very funny and definitely must try it :)

  You can purchase it on the website of the company

* * *

   Real Tattoo 1ea by LALANC   (normal price 5 USD)

   Randomly selected from No. 4, No. 6, between 20 different designs.

  Realistic looking tattoo, long-lasting, waterproof - high quality product by LALANC International.


   Cut off design - as the product's list describes, peel it off, stick it on the chosen place, press 20-30 seconds. Finish off by patting over the tattoo sticker with a powder puff.


   Original finish of your Halloween appearance :)

* * *


   Interesting attractive compilation, which can bring a lot of fun and original accents in your Halloween appearance.

  Wonderful box - with all these high quality products + fantasy, you can really create fantastic, sorry - SCAREtastic look!

   I recommend it!




Natalié Beauté

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