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30 May 2015

MISSHA HAUL from MISSHA TURKEY online website

   Hello, Ladies!

   After some troubles with my cosmetics orders from Korea and the embarrassing meaningless law, that no cosmetics is allowed to be ordered from abroad and problems with the country border customs, I found and finally decided to order from the official website MISSHA (Turkey).
   Today I got my first order and I am really very excited to share it with you.
   The products are very high quality. MISSHA service is very good and accurate - in case of need, they respond to you, calling you immediately on phone.

   So, here it is my order:

   And the opened box:

With flash

Without flash

   When you make order, during the payment, you have option to make choice between various amount of samples - till 3 different. But, when I opened the box, there were many more inside - very nice surprise!




   SUPER AQUA - Hydrating Emulsion, 150 ml

   Very light, nice, lovely skin emulsion, which you can use every day, several times per day, before applying your day cream, also before you go to bed on clear skin.

   It's oriented for age 30 or up, dry / dry to normal / normal skin / sensitive skin.

   It supplies your skin with additional moisture, giving you feeling of comfort and calmness. 

   The skin absorbs it quickly, without living oily traces.

"As its whole body is covered with ice crystals which contain various minerals and nutrients, it has nicknames like Crystal or Diamond Plant. Extracted from the Ice Plant, active water ingredients contains active ingredients like calcium, kalium, magnesium, zinc, vitamin A, vitamin B5, vitamin C and vitamin K and helps to make moist and radiant skin."


What is Active Water System? It is a system to keep the balance of skin moisture by improving the status of skin and help active water absorbed into the skin effectively.
Supplying moisture to the surface of skin Blue Lagoon Water, Damask Rose Water
Controlling balance of skin moisture Ice Plant Water, Smooth Loofah Stem Sap, Mineral Water"

"Moist hydrating emulsion for lustrous and smooth skin maintaining skin's oil and moisture balance - Ice Plant Water rich in minerals and vitamins provides moisture to dry skin and Damask Rose Water makes the skin smooth and moist. - It helps maintain skin's moisture and oil balance while leaving a soft and moist feeling on the skin."

   Active ingredients: 

   -Ice Flower Water rich with minerals, vitamins, Inositol, Beta carotene, polyphenols.

   - Damascus Rose Water

   - Blue Lake Water - natural water, used in Polynesian SPA

   - Extract Luffa - rich with calcium, magnesium, glucose, fructose

   The product gives very nice aroma to your skin.

   The product comes in 150 ml blue glass bottle, sealed with button under the cap. Closed in light blue paper box.

   SENSUAL FANTASY - Kissing Blossom Shower Cologne, 120 ml


   Lovely romantic flower bouquet with therapeutic effect.


   - gems complex - sapphires extract, pearl extract, diamond powder

   - oil from Primrose flower

   It provides hydration to your skin and leaves it sensually fragranced.

   Touching your emotions.

   Can be applied every day. Use after shower. 

   Provides high level of hydration and glossy finish to the skin.

   The product comes in purple colored plastic 120 ml spray bottle with beautiful classical shape, closed in paper box.

   APRIL GREEN - Shower Cologne, 105 ml



   Flush of April green and flowers around you. It smells very clean and lasts long time.

   Apply immediately after shower on towel dried skin.

   Can be also used on hair.

   The product comes in 102 ml plastic spray bottle.

   SENSUAL LADY - Hair Must Sensual Musk, 105 ml


   Very good working product, which kills odors (smell-out system - containing cyclodextrin with fragrance molecules), helps combing process, gives lovely fragrance and shine, acts anti-frizzing, moisturises (protein complex), smooths broken hair (flower complex). 

   Can be used, when you need - after smoking, after meal, refreshing the hair, moisturising in office as defence from the air condition drying.

   Spray from 10-15 cm distance and brush your hair with fingers.

   The scent is very delicate and fresh. Not annoying, not overwhelming for the people around, doesn't leave sticky or oily finish.

   Wonderful product for anytime, everywhere.

   The product comes in plastic 105 ml spray bottle.

   BALANCE - Love Secret Hand Cream - Zodiac Sign Edition - PEONY ROSE, 27 ml

   Lovely jewel, nutritioning hand cream, for normal, sensitive skin, moisturises your hands skin and gives delicate Rose Peony fragrance. The skin absorbs it quickly. Doesn't leave any annoying feeling on the skin.

   Use when you need.

   BAEK DONG - Oriental Camellia Hair Shampoo, 300 ml

   Decontaminating, purifying, moisturizing your hair, increasing the hair glow, providing intensive hair care with Camellia oil - one of the most famous hair care treatments in the Asian cosmetics traditions. 

   Contains: "Portulaca oleracea, Polygonum multiflorum Root, Licorice, Korean angelica root, Mahuang, Korean Asarum, Burdock, Gall, China marriage vine, Gingko leaves, Peony root, Safflower, over 13 different oriental and concentrated botanical content, such as rhizomes bletti".
   It really does what it claims. Using this shampoo, you feel your hair up to 3 days without oily roots. The product itself is white pearl thick liquid with very nice aroma. It creates rich foam and cleans very well your hair.

   The shampoo comes in big plastic 300 ml bottle.

  COTTON PUFF  - 100 pc.

   100% pure cotton pads for cleaning and removing makeup. 

   I recommend it.


   As I already mentioned, MISSHA put in my box also free samples to try.



   SUPER AQUA - Refreshing Cleansing Foam


   SUPER AQUA - Ultra Water-Full Gel Serum & Ultra Water-Full Cream

   SUPER AQUA - Cell Renew Snail Cream & Cell Renew Snail B.B. Cream SPF30 PA++



Velvety soft and skin-perfecting BB cream protects complexion with SPF 30 and is specially formulated with snail extract and vegetable stem cell extract, select ingredients that boost cell reproduction to repair the various signs of. Innovative humidity retention effect keeps moisture close to skin's surface, effectively preventing dehydration and helping skin stay hydrated longer.


   TIME REVOLUTION - Night Repair Science Activator Ampoule



   "Premium oriental eye cream revitalizing, firming and brightening your eye area [Dual functional cosmetic of Wrinkle Repairing & Whitening] Premium oriental eye cream made with wild ginseng, deer antlers and reishi mushrooms enriched and extracted by gold and 100% ginseng water boost your skin elasticity and help you get shiny and brighter skin tone around the eye area. - 5 free formula for comfortable skin (Colorants-free, Paraben-free, Triclosan-free, Mineral oil-free, GMO-free) - Contains Spiceberry Extract (Ardisia Crenata), patent ingredient for anti- inflammatory and anti-irritation [Patent No. 10-0748851] - Dermatologist tested"

   More detailed information you can read here.

   Key ingredients:


   TIME REVOLUTION - Immortal Youth Cream


The Last sample from left to the right

   Read mode details here



   "M PERFECT COVER B.B CREAM offers a novel skincare concept with B. B. cream, which lightens skin tone by healing visible wrinkles and blemishes with excellent skin-cover ability, and prevents skin aging through effective whitening and anti-wrinkle properties."


The First sample form left to the right

"A premium line of BB Cream that contains Skin Lipid that soothes and stays with perfect coverage effect and UV protection (SPF25 PA++) + Whitening + Wrinkle cure functions.
Skin Friendly Ingredient A skin friendly ingredients, Skin Lipid and peptided Amino Acid Complex strengthen skin's natural moisturizing fact (NMF) and balancing oil and moisture of the skin.  
Perfect Coverage for 12 Hrs Fine particles created by Micro multi rolling grinding technology and skin melting botanical ingredients perfectly adheres to the skin. Keeps the even skin tone for up to 12 hours and perfectly covers blemishes and flaw in light application. 
Less Irritation Contains organic Natural heeling complex certifued by ECO-CERT of Europe and free of 7 harmful factors to less irritate the skin.
Moisturized base makeup Contains skin regenerating Peptide complex, skin soothing anti oxidant Ginko leaf water and other 50 botanical complex to provide abundant moisture and nutrition to skin."


Skin Lipid 
Important Lipid that exists between the skin cells that maintains our skin elasticity, firmness and moisture. *Effect of Skin Lipid Multi liposome skin lipid penetrates deep in to the skin to regenerated damaged skin cells.
Patent Ingredients 
-Amino acid complex (patent no. 0490212) -Anti aging ingredients containing amino acid -Natural Healing complex (patent no. 0431076) contains natural extracts that has effects to cure Atopic dermatitis
ECO CERT certified organic ingredients 
- Lavender extract (anti bacterial, skin protecting) - Chamomile extract (skin soothing , anti oxidant) - Olivem900 (Kind of Emulsifier) - Titanium Oxide (UV protecting white powder) - Iron Oxide (kind of mineral pigment)
7 FREE elements 
Paraben Free / Non Chemical Mineral Oil Free / GMO Free / Triclosan Free / Benzophenone Free / Alcohol Free


The Middle sample

"2 in 1 Filler & BB Cream to cover fine lines and pores for radiant and sleek skin MULTI FUNCTIONAL BB CREAM Wrinkle Filler + BB Cream + Sun Block + Whitening + Wrinkle care
Filler BB cream with a mixture of filler and BB cream which provides anti-aging and moisturizing benefit while covering fine lines and pores to express ceramic-like radiant skin. "

   "Point 1. Tornado technology by separated melting process blends wrinkle filler(white) with BB cream(beige) to cover fine lines and pores for radiant and sleek skin.
  Point 2. Silicon elastomer in the filler covers fine lines and pores to smoothen the skin surface with velvety texture and BB cream evens skin tone.
   Point 3. 4-Care system of wrinkle repairing, moisturizing, pore care and skin protection benefit makes the skin healthy.
   Point 4. Containing Nobel Prize Winning Fullerenes and skin friendly SLLS(Skin Lipid), it moisturizes, comforts and protects the skin."


  1. Syn-Ake: A type of Peptide which prevents fine wrinkles on the first step of aging
  2. Decorinyl:
  • A new ingredient awarded at Association of International Cosmetic
  • A type of Peptide similar with the benefit of Decorin which concerns with Collagen of human body
  • Benefit of improving elasticity and density of skin
  1. Neuropeptide: New Peptide Complex which concerns with activating cells
  2. Hydra plumper: A type of skin friendly Hyaluronic Acid with wrinkle repairing and moisturizing benefit
  • Patent ingredient: Cassia Angustifolia Seed Polysaccharide
  • Patent No. EP 0742007 B1(DE,FR,GB,IT,ES)
  • Originate from Hyaluronic Acid and patent in Europe
  • Moisturizing and wrinkle repairing benefit
  1. Multivita Ceramide: Complex ingredient of Retinol, Ceramide 3, Linolenic Acid, Tocopherol with anti-wrinkle, antioxidant and moisturizing benefit
  2. Rose Fruit Extract: Contains Flavonoid and Tannin ingredients with soothing, moisturizing and antioxidant benefit
  3. Fresh Herb Complex: Complex of 12 kinds of herbal leaf extracts as Eucalyptuses, Peppermint and Tea tree with soothing and antioxidant benefit"


"1) Radical Sponge Nobel Prize winning ingredient for chemistry in year 1996 as antioxidant benefit

2)SLLS(Skin Lipid: Similar to skin composed of Ceramide, Cholesterol and Fat Acid with the benefit of strengthening natural skin protection shield and controlling skin moisture balance
3)Various botanical ingredients with moisturizing and antioxidant benefits such as Multi Fruit Complex, Oriental Flower Complex, Sweet Alpine Complex, Je-Ju Flower Complex, Berry Complex and Collagen Water"


   At the first step of makeup, pump an appropriate amount on the back of your hand.

  Blend the filler and BB cream together and after well blended, apply evenly over the face with skin texture.


The First sample on the lift side

   All long detailed information - GOLD SNOW MILKY EMULSION.


The Second sample on the right side




   This foam I like very much - it has very strong cleansing ability. Contains 5% Cherry Blossom extract. It leaves your skin almost skratchy. It's very thick creamy product - in pearl pink color. Smells very nice. I recommend it!


"Perfect Cleansing
One-step, complete cleansing, removing even the toughest of waterproof makeup
Fresh Finish
Provides a refreshing finish without leaving an oily residue or drying the skin
Effortless washing
Light cleansing oil with powerful hydrophilic properties quickly and easily removes dirt and makeup residue * Each character of MISSHA Flower Bouquet Fresh Cleansing Oil Pore Care Cherry blossom and Azalea extracts nourish and exfoliate the skin while reducing the appearance of enlarged pores "


"All in one make-up removal wipes, cleans easily and effectively heavy makeup. It cleans easily and stubborn waterproof makeup. All in one make-up removal wipes; easy and convenient to use anywhere.  This delicate tissue, cleans up easily without leaving any sticky feeling."

   Very nice skin care set! I recommend these products!


   I am deeply satisfied from the quality of these products!



Photos: Natalie Beaute

   Natalié Beauté

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