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27 May 2015

LOVE POTION (Oriflame) vs. AMOR AMOR (Cacharel)

   I just received today LOVE POTION by ORIFLAME and with the first splash I thought, I must make review like co-share - this fragrance reminds so much AMOR AMOR by CACHAREL



   Both of them are very beautiful, very yummy, very comfy, warm, nicely sweet, lovely.

   Both of them have different fragrance piramides: 

                              LOVE POTION                                            AMOR AMOR

                                TOP NOTES:                                              TOP NOTES: 

                                 Ginger, Rum                           Black currant, Orange, Mandarin Orange,
                                                                                        Cassia, Pink Grapefruit, Bergamot 

                              HEART NOTES:                                       HEART NOTES:

         Vanilla, Tangerine, Cocoa, Coffee, Lily      Apricot, Lily, Jasmine, Lily-of-the-valley, Rose

                               BASE NOTES:                                                BASE NOTES:

            Sandalwood, Tonka Bean, Chocolate                   Amber, Tonka Bean, Vanilla, 
                                                                                                      Virginia Cedar, Musk


   With the first spray on the skin, it smells very close to AMOR AMOR. Unfortunately, this is the first impression, ONLY IF you are familiar with AMOR AMOR.

   Let's now start this review, IF YOU ARE NOT familiar with AMOR AMOR:

   With the first spray on your skin, you feel the top notes, which are very sweetly and calmly nice - the first association is like baby shampoo and the same moment yummy, but only the first 3 seconds. The next 4-5 seconds, the fragrance changes or most correctly to say - your perceptions are becoming more clear and you realize, that this is actually strong soft Rum flavor, accompanied by Chocolate, Tangerine and 2-3 small doses of crushed coffee beans Coffee, + little Cocoa, + delicate Ginger presence.

   After some 5 minutes, it seems to you, that the fragrance disappear. Meanwhile, you think, that it already settles down on your skin, and you feel mostly the Chocolate-Cocoa notes, with Tangerine.

   Just wait to see what happens, when you do out, on fresh air outside or you change the place, especially if there is air condition around with cold air - in one moment you feel, that there is some so nice perfume around, so delicious (delicious, but not gourmet annoying). After, you realize, that it comes form you on delicate waves, so beautiful waves. 

   This is aroma, which periodically settles down and re-veils periodically, showing its most attractive aphrodisiac notes - Chocolate, Cocoa, Ginger, calmed by warm Rum, Tangerine, hint of flower extract drops.

   When it's said "attractive", must be very correctly understood - it is NOT that type of screaming sensually attractive perfumes like for example RUSH by Gucci. The same moment, it's not also deliciously attractive like NINA by Nina Ricci.

   I bought it from orikozmetik online store on the Turkish Ebay version, which is GITTIGIDIYOR.


   When you spray it on your skin, with the first top notes you feel fruity warm and very delicious cocktail, made from Orange, Mandarin orange, Apricot, Tonka bean, Ambra. the Mandarin Orange comes little but overwhelming and gives to the perfume especially sweet note. This note makes it sweeter, than LOVE POTION. Different type sweetness.

   I can't say, that this is definitely fragrance for very young girls, as many ladies say. But, the same moment, it's not for serious Lady, working in office or occupying high position at work. It can become really overwhelming for the people around, depends on how much and how you sprayed on yourself, or on your clothes and depends on the environment conditions.


   Concluding everything, said above, the main difference is:

                    LOVE POTION                                                 AMOR AMOR

              Rum-Chocolate-Cocoa                           Orange, Mandarin Orange, Apricot

              Aphrodisiac                                              Yummy attractive


                    LOVE POTION                                                 AMOR AMOR

        Tangerine, Tonka Bean, Vanilla               Mandarin Orange, Tonka Bean, Vanilla


                    LOVE POTION                                                 AMOR AMOR

   Settles down fast                                                     Settles down fast 

  Changes in different temperatures                       Stays almost same, without special changes

                   and conditions

  Lasts around 4 hours                                              Lasts 2-3 hours and after that, 

  After 2 hours maximum, it's detectable               Within an hour maximum, it's detectable

             very close to the skin                                                very close to the skin                                                                                        


                      LOVE POTION                                                 AMOR AMOR 

Spring - Day - go through perfume cloud           Spring - Day - go through perfume cloud

                Evening - spray directly                                       Evening - spray directly

Summer - Day - go through perfume cloud        Summer - Day - avoid

Autumn/Winter - Day/Evening - Spray             Autumn/Winter - Day/Evening - Spray

                                 directly on skin                                                        directly on skin

   LOVE POTION - PHOTOS of the box and the bottle

   The perfume comes in 50 ml bloody red glass bottles, shaped as drop and the black cap has magician's hat shape, like in fairy tale.

   It's in box, originally wrapped in nylon.

The bottle has lovely drop shape

The cap of the bottle has shape as magician's hat

   AMOR AMOR - PHOTOS of the box and the bottle

  The perfume comes in 30 ml, 50 ml ruby red glass bottles, shaped as cylinder with white letters and white flower on the back side. There is no cap, closing the spray, but there is spiral element around, which last circle is designed to stay vertically and this way, it protects the spray button from accidentally perfuming your purse.

   It's in box, originally wrapped in nylon.


   Each one of these perfumes is beautiful in its own way.

   Which one you will choice, it's your own personal decision. 

   I recommend both of them!

   BUT...   if you need APHRODISIAC, ...

   I RECOMMEND...       LOVE POTION...   !!!!!!!


Photos: Natalie Beaute

   Natalié Beauté

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