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13 June 2015

TRUE LOVE by Elizabeth Arden

   This fragrance were launched in 1994, created from the most famous nose Sophia Groisman. (I really find myself to like many of her creations!)

   Before I decide to buy this perfume, I was hesitating very much, because of the different type of comments about this perfume. And like many people, I was searching for impressions, opinions, reviews about it in Internet - YouTube, blogs, websites for perfumes, forums. I didn't find many sources, but what I found, were enough contradictory. Some people defying it like very powdery, some - like creamy or baby cream, some - like nail polish cleaner (because of the rose scent, which opens little bit sharp, but not annoying), some - like wedding perfume, like innocence perfume, clean perfume. Of course, different people = different noses = different fantasies :).         

   Definitely, this is powdery, rose, flowery, fruity category perfume. It's not sweet in anyway.   

   The Fragrantica pyramid is:

      TOP NOTES  
Apricot, Green notes, Freesia Peach


Iris, Orris Root, Jasmine, Heliotrope, Lily-of-the-valley, Rose


Sandalwood, Amber, Vanilla, Cedar

   The dominant notes are Rose, Apricot, Peach and a lot of powder (nothing is mentioned about it here).

   If I must compare it with some popular fragrance in order to help you imagine how it smells I will say:

  •    When you sniff it in the cap, the fragrance sounds like a lot of soft rose powder on clean cotton, but really a lot of. It will remind you light version of Soft Musk by AVON and its powdery-rose accent will remind you Aura Collection Mariage by Swarovski.
  •    When you spray it, you feel dominant Rose scent with little bit sour character, coming from the Apricot fruity acidic taste, on the base of calming flowers' softness.


   This perfume is coming in transparent glass bottle 30 ml, 50 ml, 100 ml. White cap with golden ring with the name "TRUE LOVE". The fragrance itself has very gentle rose color.

 I bought it online from GITTIDIGIYOR -  nisantasikozmetik store.

Wrapped in nylon

Unwrapped from the nylon cover


   I would recommend it for Day Wear all seasons - it's light fragrance. But, it opens little bit sharp, so I recommend to spray cloud in the air and to go through.

   It stays very close to the skin and lasts hours.

   I am very curious to learn your opinion about this perfume. If you have it, if you have any experience with TRUE LOVE - please, tell me what do you think about this aroma. Thank you!


Photos: Natalie Beaute

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