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11 July 2015

CABOCHARD - emancipated Femme Fatale, by GRES

   Another rare perfume "chedeuvre" from the old classic school - CABOCHARD.

   If you are appreciator of the "hard artillery" perfumes, here you are!

  This is perfume for feminist woman - strong, powerful, unisex appearing, tough character, even stubborn (as the name of the perfume points)... The perfume of the contemporary stubborn woman, fighting with the difficulties of the life, going through everything bravely with no compromise or whatsoever - woman, achieving her target.

   This perfume - launched in 1959, is reflection of the style of it's Fashion house's ideas. (I'm not going to focus on this, to avoid topic change. So, you can check this link - "Madame Gres", if you want to learn more.)

   Trying to illustrate my associations, which this perfume invoke in my imagination, I found this resemblances - the emancipated woman, from the beginning of 20-th century:


   ...and in official evening appearances:

   "Cabochard" itself, if Encyclopedy of one whole multilevel independant character of the independent woman - still, not very clearly understood. This perfume has the same multilevel "construction", which in different moments re-veils different notes. It's one very deep multi dimensional world, represented into perfume's very rich pyramid:


Aldehydes, Spices, Fruity notes, Asafoetida, Tarragon, Lemon, Sage


Orris Root, Jasmine, Ylang-Ylang, Rose, Geranium


Leather, Sandalwood, Amber, Patchouli, Musk, Coconut, Oakmoss, Vetiver, Tobacco

   This is "old school" composition, which "talks". The perfume "plays" with its notes and shades in multi-spectral variations, according to your individual skin chemistry (moods, reactions, activity); temperature (hot weather, dry hot weather, cold weather, air conditioning with different temperatures); another environmental conditions; humidity (wet air or water, or rain) etc.

   I like very much one description of the woman, wearing "Cabochard" made by one member of Fragrantica (which you can find it down in the comments). I love this description and I will quote it here (of course, the member will be informed about it):

"Little Red Riding Hood is walking through the forest.

Oak moss is hanging from every tree.

Her hooded cape is made of crude leather.

She's chain-smoking Gitanes.

She's cursing her grandma for the chore.

She hasn't picked any flowers, she's picked a thick stick.

She's thrashing everything in her way with it.
She's stepping angrily on the forest floor, squashing it under her boots.
She's pissed.
She's all sweaty and salty.
The smell she's leaving in her wake has nothing to do with a little girl.
She's not cute.
She's not innocent.
She's not happy.
I feel sorry for the wolf..."

   How can you say it better?...

 With the first spray, you feel quite straight leather with tobacco and oakmoss, accompanied by strong presence of aldehydes, with the other top notes.

   These 4 are the main notes, which will stay as veil around you, for hours.
   I managed to buy this perfume from the Turkish online website GITTIGIDIYOR from utopya_kozmetik store. I mentioned many times this seller and I want to say, that he is very correct and the communication is excellent. So, if you hesitate which store you might choice for your next shopping (if you are in Turkey), you can buy from him, without any hesitation. The cargo delivery is very fast (the fastest time is - the next day afternoon you already have the item)!



  "Cabochard" is not perfume for everyone, which means, that your character must vibrate in resemblance with the character of the perfume. 

   Also, it's not very light perfume (there are far away more heavy fragrances, than this).

   Don't wear "Cabochard":
  • in hot weather
  • spring, especially summer - day time, avoid night time (eventually can be in some official event in air conditioned place)
  • date ;)
  • restaurant
  • office
  • public transport
  • airplane
  • work with children
  • hospital work
  • work with clients daytime


 Wonderful perfume for appreciators of the old school perfumes. This is one of the main reasons, why many people need more time to become friends with this fragrance.

   "Cabochard" lasts for hours on your skin, and for hours and hours, on your hair and especially, on your clothes. Of course, I never recommend to use perfume on hair or clothes.

   I recommend to spray 1-2 times in the air and to go through. than the perfume will emerge in lighter "variant" and will be easy for you to wear it.

   If you try it and think, that this is your perfume, it would be lovely choice!


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