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11 June 2015

BLACK PEARLS by Elizabeth Taylor

   Very elegant and true masterpiece, made for "House of Taylor". 

   With the first spraying, you feel richest ever juicy warmth, full of a lot of Sandalwood, Peach and Amber presence. The notes of Lotus are giving little bit cooling, neutral "sound". 

   The common impression of this luxury fragrance is a feeling of golden wrapping you veil, which smells like powder and lipstick (the best possible, which you can remember) - hot calming, hugging you note. And... under this note emerges one bitter tone, which stays from the moment of the first drops, during the whole time of wear (3-6- hours, depends on your body chemistry and environmental conditions).
   After some time - an hour, the base tone, which stays, has dominating burned vanilla note.

   Very different from many other fragrances, especially in this era, when many of the natural ingredients and oils in the fragrances are changed with chemical dupes.

   BLACK PEARLS - real perfume, from another epoch, for classic type woman's beauty, inspired by the beautiful talented actress Elizabeth Taylor.

  The House of Taylor defines this perfume as "refreshing, oriental, floral fragrance".

   My personal opinion is, that it's woody-fruity-oriental-floral scent, with very strong vintage powder/lipstick scent. Powdery, like those old vintage paper powder boxes with puff inside, which the women had decades ago.

 In very brief: It's Powder-Peach elixir with a hint of Sandalwood! 

 All these characteristics are making this fragrance really wonderful!
  They also, mention the main notes - "soft sweet spices, white rose, and amber, fruity notes, fresh citrus and melons".

   The FRAGRANTICA pyramid is:


Apricot, Gardenia, Bergamot


Water Lily, White Rose, Lotus


Amber, Sandalwood, Musk

   The perfume comes in 100 ml transparent glass bottle, lovely shaped as big closed shell, with black pearl on the top of the cap, supported by golden elongated ring.

   The color is warm golden. The product is EDP spray natural/vaporisateur. 

   According to the batch code, it's been manufactured July 2010 (as the batch codes are repeating every 10 years).

   I bought it from the based in Turkey GITTIGIDIYOR online website, the store - missliva. (If you are by some reason in Turkey, you can find it rarely, but if you are not - don't order, because according to the law here, it's not possible to send and to receive cosmetics to and from abroad!...)



 Luxury, confident, alluring, very feminine, delicate, captivating, tender perfume for the Woman, who has classic type of beauty, character, delicacy, manners, charm - Perfume for a real Lady!

   It's recommended for daytime wear.

   I am wearing it daytime, but also evening, during special events.

  According to what my observations show me, I would recommend:

  • Day wear - Spring, Autumn, Winter.
  • Night wear - all seasons. 
   Overall, it's amazing fragrance for amazing women! Don't hesitate!

    I highly recommend it!

Photos: Natalié Beauté

   Natalié Beauté

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