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31 October 2013


   Hello, friends!

   Let's have a look at this new Avon's Jewellery Set - Eda Midnight Blue!


   Here, I post modest photo capture, just to give some example how the necklace and the rings look on me :)

   In generally, this Jewellery set is very suitable for night and official appearance. It stays very nice on fair skin, but definitely not on dark tanned skin, because there will be no contract and the beauty of the jewel, and also the beauty of the skin, can not make wonderful competition between.

Eda Midnight Blue Necklace - Avon,
Eda Midnight Blue Earrings - Avon,
Make up: Lips - Ultra Colour Lip Crayon - Mauve Model - Avon,
Foundation - Flawless - Natural Beige - Avon,
Blush - Avon Ideal Luminous Blush - Peach;

   Eda Midnight Blue Ring

   It's available in 3 sizes - 10, 8, 6. Not adjustable.

Eda Midnight Blue Ring - Avon

   Eda Midnight Blue Bracelet

   Very beautiful and stylish piece of this wonderful set. Adjustable length.

Eda Midnight Blue Bracelet - Avon

   Eda Midnight Blue Necklace   

   Elegant, also adjustable necklace. 

Eda Midnight Blue Necklace  - Avon

   Eda Midnight Blue Jewellery Set

   Here you can see whole the set with the earrings also.

Eda Midnight Blue Jewellery Set - Avon

   This is how the products are delivered to the client.

   Inside, of the boxes, each one piece has small velvet pouch.

   I know, that if you are able to see this jewellery set in real (not only on photos) before you get it, you will really fall in love with it! It's classical, beautiful, capturing, elegant, very stylish - one of Avon's best and original product for this year!

It's my choice!

It may be yours - too!

Just open the catalogue - order and enjoy!

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