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31 October 2013



   Trick or treat ;)?

   During this Summer's holiday in Bulgaria, I found this amazing Gothic Fashion House - "AVANGARD", which captured me with their original, high quality and full of fantasy models!

  And because I like Gothic style, (but I still was not able to find what I really like before), now I can dare to tell you, that their models really meet all my caprices ;) and requirements about my artistic appearances on the stage!
   The fashion house "Avangard" opened its doors for first time in 2002, in the town of Varna - Bulgaria, as small family business. From the beginning they are specialized in production and trade with metal, punk, gothic, emo clothes. 

   Their prices are very wide and spread all over things of consumption - from popular to luxurious article of trade. 

   There you can find whole arsenal from all type of clothes - corsets, jackets, sweatshirts, skirts, pants, shirts, dresses, gloves, overalls, swimwear, underwear. The majority of these all articules are developed like their own special lines, too.

    Here you can see some of the models:

Me with my dress - detail

Gothic dress - "Avangard";
Brooch - Casoria by Avon

   For more details, please visit:


   As soos as possible, when I have good photos and video materials, I will post to you my dress.

If this is the style, which you love - 

open now the "Avangard" website

and choice your model!


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