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31 October 2013


   Hi, friends!

   In the spirit of Halloween and the Autumn aromas, form baked or cooked pumpkin, chocolates, sweets - Bath & Body Works has lovely scented candles, suitable for the large diapason of the tastes and preferences of everyone of us!

   With amazing scents and colors of the candle compositions, you can really refresh and warm more, the atmosphere of your home, during Halloween and Thanksgiving celebrations.

   Personally, I choose the following candles and scents:

Fresh Picked: - Blackberry Spice, Harvest Coffee;
Slatkin & Co.: - Creamy Pumpkin, Cinnamon Nut Bread, Caramel Apple;
White Pumpkin Shaped Candlestick;
White Barn: - 
White Water Birch, London Calling - Tea & Lemon, Cotton, White Barn, Fresh Balsam, Sandalwood Citrus;

   I will provide short description here, which may help you somehow in your choice, when you visit BBW store next time or ever tomorrow :)

   White Water Birch

   Almost exactly replica of the man's perfume "Cool Water"  by Davidoff. 

Slatkin & Co. - White Water Birch

   Caramel Apple

   Burned sugary sweet scent, which dominates over the tenderly shade of baked apple.

Slatkin & Co.:-  Caramel Apple;

   Creamy Pumpkin

   Very delicious softly and creamy aroma of baked white pumpkin with golden sugar.

Slatkin & Co.: - Creamy Pumpkin;
Aromatherapy: Sleep Bed Linen Spray - Lavender Vanilla;

   Harvest Coffee

   Strong scent of just prepared hot coffee from freshly smashed coffee beans.

   Blackberry Spice

   Very autentic sweet and lovely scent of blackberries.

   Both of these are candles in actual jars, which can be used for other purposes after their "retirement' as candles.

Fresh Picked: - Blackberry Spice, Harvest Coffee;
Body lotion - Vermont Honey Apple;

   One of the Autumn body lotions of BBW - very delicious as long staying as the other lotions.
If you love apple fragrance, compiled with honey scent - this must be your choice. It leaves your skin smooth, sweetly and deliciously fragranced for hours. 

   If you like this combination - this is exactly your skin care product for the season of the pumpkins.

Body lotion - Vermont Honey Apple;

   So, dear ladies! I hope that my short review of the products which captured me for this Halloween, can be somehow useful and helpful for you!


Happy Halloween!

Enjoy your amazing scented candles

by Bath & Body Works!


Have a nice celebrations!

Yours: Natalié Beauté


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