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30 October 2013



   Hi, friends!

   After some break time, I'm back and ready to share my new observations, opinions, advices and experience about the products I found and tasted :)

   This month, for first time in my life I ordered watch from AVON. Checking the present catalog, one watch catched my eyes - Maithili Charm Watch.

Maithili Charm Watch

  It's very nice looking, very stylish and simple, shiny - suitable for any occasion and time. 

  It's quartz watch, working with battery. Ion Plated Steel. 

  The length is adjustable, according to your preferences and comfort.

   It's freely moving, around your hand, but you must be careful to keep it from hitting somewhere accidentally.

   This is how it looks on the arm:


   I find it very lovely looking with this tenger heart and key :) 
   This is the box - Avon package.

The box in front

   Inside, you can find instructions and directions about all the details, related with the support, the care and the usage of the product.

   There is one year international guarantee.

The box behind

   If you need watch from this range and with this characteristics - I can assure you, this is your perfect watch!

Personally, I am happy with this watch 
and I truly recommend it to you :)

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