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17 August 2013


   Hello, friends!

   It's time for two products from my AVON haul this month.

   The other are coming later and I'll let you know.

   Now, these are AVON Eyeshadow Quad "Arctic Goddess" and "Ancha" Reversible Clutch.

Eyeshadow Quad "Arctic Goddess"

   This eyeshadow palette has really amazing vivid magical colors and shades, very well pigmented and giving good and nice contrast or smoothly overflowing into each other colors.

   And this is how it looks from inside:

   The first color is very beautiful tender purple, next to electric light green.

   On the left side down - you can see very intensive matt blue color (Turquoise), next to also matt very dark blue. Both of these are very much pigmented, especially the dark blue color, right down.

   Looking for ideas?

   I found one very nice by Pixiwoo:

   Two faced Clutch "Ancha" in very tender pink-peach color from one side, and in figures from the other side.
"Ancha" Reversible Clutch
   And this is the other side:
   AVON offers also offers the same design printed scarf:
   I am very happy with this haul and I truly like both of these products.
   I am sure, if you decide to choice them, you really will love them, too.
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