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07 August 2013


   Hi, friends!

   I found one new product ByeBRA!

   According to the conception of this product, you must really say " - Bye, Bra!" :)))
   Absolutely freedom for your shoulders, back and skin areas, where the bra's parts are wrapping your body.

   What this product looks like and what are its benefits?
    It's  is made of three layers of low density adhesive polyethelene film. 
   On the following photo, you can see, that it's one semi-circle band. 

   You have to place this part over your nipple area, as it's shown on the video below.
   This way, you are achieving instantly uplifting effect.
   Here, you can see instructions in details.
   The best thing is not only the feeling of freedom of your body, but also, the look your clothes can get, because of the different shape of your breast.   
Detailed Instruction
   According to the description: "It can be applied in seconds to lift nipples higher for an eye catching busty look or to create symmetry between both breasts. In fact, wearers have often been mistaken for having had breast surgery, giving them all the benefits of an expensive operation without the scars or pain. ByeBra is developed by 3M, utilizing its expertise in skincare products for people with sensitive or damaged skin. ByeBra is made from a hyperallergenic material and has been laboratory tested to ensure it doesn’t cause skin irritation, unlike many of its cheap imitations."
   It's available in two sizes:
Cup A-C - 1 package contains 4 pairs of ByeBra and 8 nipple covers
Cup D-F - 1 package contains 3 pairs of ByeBra and 6 nipple covers
   Directly on the nipples you can apply the small flower shaped cover.
   I think, that this type of bra is good alternative for having really very good appearance, but the same time keeping the feeling of freedom and comfort for your body.
   This product is other good invention in help for the ladies, in their fashion journey.
   Enjoy your comfort and modern fashionable appearance with ByeBra!
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  1. Bye Bra really works. However the blog is not correct: It is available in 3 sizes (A-C, D-F and F+) and it also comes with silicone nipple covers!

  2. Marcel Duits, I know that this product works and the blog is correct due to the fact, that the time, when I was working on this article, this product was available the way, I've already described it! May be now, it's available also with these silicone nipple covers. Unfortunately, some of these details are not same for the different countries. Anyway, thank you for your attention and interest to my work :)

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