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31 October 2013


   Hi, friends!

   If you need brooch as accessoire, I have very beautiful recommendation for you - AVON'S CASORIA BROOCH!

   Look how beautiful it stays on this Gothic corset from Fashion House "Avangard"!


Casoria Brooch - Avon

   It's antiqued silver plated. Length - 7.6 cm. It's strong and massive with bold needle and secure fastener. So, here you must keep in mind, that you must be careful on what type of textile you will use it - it may leave you cloth with hole or to destroy, only because of not properly use. Be careful with silk, tulle, chiffon.

   It's suitable for official appearance - day and night time. It can be used just like accessoire or like camey - to keep holding your scarf on place. 

   Whatever you decide to use it - I can assure you one thing:

Casoria Brooch by Avon

will make you unique,

stylish and unforgettable!

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