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19 November 2014


   Hello, friends!

 Finally MEMEBOX came with THE FACE SHOP and SKINFOOD boxes, full of wonderful products with very high quality!

   I got both and I will post about SKINFOOD box also.

   THE FACE SHOP - one of the leaders in Korea on the beauty market, based on the conception to make products containing only natural ingredients. Their products are high quality, globally known and recognized, suitable for all ages and skin types. Their package also is original and loved. Once you try, you will love forever.

    This is the most delicious smelling box from MEMEBOX, which I've ever received! From the moment of cutting the pink post package, it starts to smell so yummy from inside...

   Here is review of my SUPERBOX #82 THE FACE SHOP

The box out of the package

6 full sized products
Product's description - 1 side
Product's description - 1 side

  Calendula Eden Essential Moisture Cream 50 ml   (Normal Price 9$)

   This lovely Calendula Eden Essential Moisture intensively hydrating light cream, suitable for Spring, Summer. Highly concentrated with Calendula extracts, Camellia oil, Shea Body Butter and Hyaluronic Acid. Keeps the skin moisturized and elastic.

  As all products in the box, this one is sealed, completely new - straight from the manufacture!

   I love the feeling of just produced item!

Calendula Eden Essential Moisture Cream
Calendula Eden Essential Moisture Cream - back side description
Calendula Eden Essential Moisture Cream - shot from another angle
Bottom side description in Korean
Calendula Eden Essential Moisture Cream - Unsealed
Calendula Eden Essential Moisture Cream

  Despite the jar looks so bug on these photos, actually it's small and cute, made from matte glass. 

   The products has light texture, absorbs easy from the skin, has light delicate fragrance.

   The products belongs to whole line of products - you can purchase also the rest of the products, for complete skin care.


   The product is wonderful!

   I recommend it!


   Lovely Me:ex Pastel Cushion Blusher 5g   (Normal price 7$)

  Randomly selected from: 01 Rose Cushion, 02 Coral Cushion, 03 Plum Cushion, 04 Pink Cushion, 05 Peach Cushion

   Are you fan of the cushion types of cosmetics products?

   Than this 04 Pink Cushion is for you!

Lovely Me:ex Pastel Cushion Blusher - 04 Pink Cushion
Lovely Me:ex Pastel Cushion Blusher - 04 Pink Cushion, bottom side description
Lovely Me:ex Pastel Cushion Blusher - 04 Pink Cushion -
the product's look from aside

   Lovely and cute package, holding wonderful product inside!

   You can feel light delicate scent from the product.

  Cute color, cute package as we already saw, light texture - giving 3 dimensional face look. Little shimmery, satiny, radiant. 

   With several delicate tapping on your cheekbones, your face appears brightened up with doll finish cuteness.


  High quality product! It's noticeable straight from opening the box!

  Definitely, this product will last at least 3-5 months, or more, in regular use!

    Yes, I recommend it!

   * * *

   Lovely Me:ex Mini Pet Hand Cream 30ml   (Normal Price 6$)

   Randomly selected from: Baby Powder, Sweet Fruits, White Floral, Fruity Floral

   Baby Powder :)

  Cute, small, adorable package and lovely product inside - very soft, gentle, replenishing, nourishing hand cream.

   It gives to your hands perfumed "gloves", which last longer after the application.
Lovely Me:ex Mini Pet Hand Cream - Baby Powder


  No sticky or oily feeling. The skin absorbs it very fast and the aroma lasts longer after. High nutrition and moisturizing of the skin and the nails.

   High quality product! Lovely package! Adorable!

   * * *

   Lovely Me:ex Dessert Lip Balm 6g   (Normal price 8$)

  Randomly selected from: 01 Strawberry, 02 Orange, 03 Honey

   o1 Strawberry :)
Lovely Me:ex Dessert Lip Balm - 01 Strawberry

   This lovely lip balm is designed as real dessert - in small jam. It smells so yummy and delightful - like a real strawberry.

   It melts on the lips, being absorbed easily and covers the lips surface, preventing them from drying and chapping.

  The cover is actually small box, where in miniature is hidden small honey spatula for eating actual dessert :), for applying the product on the lips.

   Just look at this lovely mini jewel!!!

  The product itself, looks and gives impression of real strawberry dessert in miniature!


   Lovely high quality product!

   It gives excellent nourishing, defence and protection of your lips!

   Ideal for your lip care!

   I recommend it!

   * * *

  Lovely Me:ex You & Eyes 05 Sand Brown 1,6g   (Normal price 5$)

   New transparent acrylic container with simple, but the same time unusual design - moustaches :)

   Glittery, long-lasting, easy blendable, strongly sticking on the eye lid, no flying powder during the makeup process.

    Also, suitable for creating smoky eyes, when it's mixed with other colors for that purpose.

Lovely Me:ex You & Eyes - 05 Sand Brown

   Use as usual - with brush, eye shadow applier or finger.

   Very good and high quality product. Does, what it claims.

   I recommend!

   * * *

   Milk Plus Calming Moisture Body Cream Shower 300ml   (Normal price 8$)

    There is here one major difference - the box describes, that this product is Milk Plus Calming Moisture Body Lotion, but actually it is Milk Plus Calming Moisture Body Cream Shower inside.

    This product is the top of the box - Number 1!

  From the moment of opening the box, this powerful delicious yummy aroma blows you and wraps all your senses!

   It's shooting and nourishing, moisturizing, calming rich body Cream Shower, which leaves the skin silky soft, milky white and long lasting fragranced.

   If you can only imagine how powerful this lovely product smells as milky dessert.....


   A D O R A B L E!!!

Milk Plus Calming Moisture Body Shower


   Definitely one of my favorite!!!

   I recommend it!

   * * *


   I am highly impressed from this box:

   - the selection

   - the high quality of the products

   - the original package

   - 6 full sized products - Total value: 43 $; Box price - 29$; Total+Shipping=35,99$

   I recommend these products!

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