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19 November 2014


   Hi, friends!

   During my browsing in ebay, I came across this interesting store - Devonian Mists, and one particular item - DELUXE SAGE / SAGE & CEDARWOOD SMUDGING SPRAY for spiritual cleansing, absolutely natural handmade product. 


   For those of us, who just listened something about this topic, but have not enough knowledge about, SAGE is herb, which is using for healing, cleansing - as usual natural medicine, cure and also as usual natural powerful cleansing spiritual tool.

   Health appliance

   It has powerful antiseptic action. Also has anti-inflammatory activity, anti-spasmodic action, can be used in a steam inhalation for asthma attacks. It has also many other useful for the health appliances! For more info, please, visit Herb Wisdom.

   Spiritual appliance

   It's very famous ritual for cleansing the home by Burning Sage Ritual or Smudging. It clean the space from bad energy, residual energy. It recovers the healthy status of your living space, balances the energies and helps to maintain yours and your family's spiritual and physical health. 

  About the Sage Smudge Spray, which I bought

  As I already wrote, I bought it from the shop "Devonian Mists" on ebay.

   The Seller offers two types - "Sage" and "Cedar & Sage", as you can choice between 30ml, 50ml and 100ml. Both products are handmade and natural, packaged in beautiful blue glass spray bottle.

   I choose Sage Smudge, 1oo ml.
Sage Smudge by Devonian Mists

   The seller describes the manufacturing process as follows: "The process for creating the smudging sprays is complex and involves the use of Quartz, Amethyst and Topaz, before Fresh Organic Sprigs of Sage and Bark of Cedar are used, together with pure essential oils.
   Finally this is added to a purified alcohol base to ensure that all the essential oils used are properly distributed within the spray. All these processes and ingredients work together in harmony with one another, to create a perfectly infused smudging spray, suitable for multi-purpose use."

   The spray must be shaken very well before each use.

   It's scent contains very natural and sharp shade, as usual. If you are familiar with this herb, you know, what I mean.

   The bottle is very nice. As I already described - it's dark blue glass, with spray (can be opened, refilled). Even in its biggest size - 100 ml, is enough coquette and small to be kept in lady purse.

   More information, about the Sage, you can get here:


   I found two sellers on ebay, which conditions were most suitable for me and I ordered from them.

  They are trusted, sure, accurate - providing very fast shipping and high quality items:

   Sage for smudging - giftedpet, Top-Rated Seller, 100% Positive Feedback 
    Sage spray                 - khiamae, Top-Rated Seller, 99.9% Positive Feedback

   Their products are high quality item, manufactured with love, care and creativity!

     Yes, I recommend!

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