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27 July 2015






   This perfume appears to be real Phantom! Out of the opera ;)!

   There is no available information about this perfume in Internet. All I found are 
just two sources (1 and 2) with description...

   "Phantom Pour Femme Perfume by Moar, A feminine, natural scent that reminds you of the great outdoors . It starts off intense, but then mellows shortly thereafter. This long lasting scent has a unique balance of notes that includes orange blossom, jasmine and ylang ylang."

 ...and one review:

    "There's not much info available about this perfume or the brand, but I'm glad I picked it up at an online discounter. The first thing I detect is a candy/berry-like note, quickly joined by indolic florals. There are certainly woods in the base, vanilla or tonka, too, I'm guessing, and a mild animalic note. The result is a perhaps surprisingly good, well-balanced perfume, not quite a fruity floral but lighter than the sillage monsters. It's a warm and embracing scent with no off-putting notes, very easy to wear all day."

   I can't say, that I find something "outdoors", according to the official description, except the flowers. 

   There is one note with terrible intense. At the first moment, it looks like bitter Neroli with Intense sweet African Orange Blossom and a lot of grapefruit (overwhelming). Very intoxicating combination. For a phantom, this fragrance is very detectable!

   If I must compare it to another fragrances, I would say, that this perfume is like some twisted, in wired sort of way, intoxicating combination, between the notes from these two beautiful and very well balanced perfumes POSSESS (because of the pineapple hint) and MISS GIORDANI (because of the bitter sour Neroli).

   Honestly, it's the strangest ever fragrance, I've came across.


The box comes wrapped in nylon

Box without nylon - It has cover as hologram

The rozeta with the name is in phantom style - 3D in depth ;)

Ingredients list


   I'm not sure, if I can become friend with this scent! It's hard to stand it. Maybe, it's just not my type.

   Without test, I CAN'T RECOMMEND IT!

Photos: Natalie Beaute
Images: Internet
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