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18 October 2015


   These months, we see new FLORMAR Nail Polish collections - "Pearly" and "FULL Color". I recently saw these products and here, I'd like to share my opinion.

   In resemblance with the Autumn season, I choose several colors, which I liked:
  Midnight Black PL399, Green Steel PL419, Precious Forest PL422, New Rock FC30, King of the Bets FC26

Midnight Black PL399, Green Steel PL419, Precious Forest PL422, New Rock FC30, King of the Bets FC26

  Midnight Black PL399

   The name "Midnight" is very accurately here, because this black is deep as the night - it's something between dark Navy blue and black. So, its name should be "Deep midnight black".
   Deep and very beautiful autumn color. The thin tiny particles in this pearly nail polish, add additional dimension into its spectrum, which makes this nail polish very unusual and interesting looking on your hands. It has chameleonic effect - in motion, it changes into dark graphite shade.
   This is a must have color.

Midnight Black PL399
  Green Steel PL419

   This nail polish color looks really with the color of the steel, but with greenish shade, which is barely visible. It plays some tricks with your vision. Kind a "chameleon" type of color. 

Green Steel PL419
   Precious Forest PL422

   Very deep intense dark green pearly color, very beautiful! Seems like it also has chameleon effect - on daylight, it changes with dark cold blue color. 
   This is another must have color.

Precious Forest PL422

   New Rock FC30, King of the Bets FC26

  These two colors are plain and very glossy. 
  New Rock is dark gray color. King of the bets is dark electric green to dove blue color, which is very interesting. 

   If you want thick clear color, you must apply 2 coats. Tip: be sure, you wais enough time between these 2 coats.

New Rock FC30

King of the Bets FC26
   Photo, taken under electric lights indoor:

   Photo, taken on daylight:

Turned in 3/4

   The colors from "Pearly" collection are kind a chameleonic. They have different appearance (also in motion) under electric light indoor or daylight outdoors.

   The "FULL Collection" colors are plain but having very glossy finish.

   A think, these colors are wonderful and can add really very stylish and refined detail to your look - not just daily, but also for Halloween ;) and in any other occasion in your daily life.


Product image: Natalié Beauté

   Natalié Beauté

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