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23 December 2012


       Hello, friends!

   As the End of the World was postponed till 21.12.2112 according to MY OWN CALENDAR ;))), I would like to mention about two products, which I got from the market - really lovely products!



   Tender, velvet texture, matte effect, very easy and comfortable to use. Enriched with Cocoa butter and Shea butter - moisturizing and protective to your lips, and a lot of oxidants. Suitable for any season and any type of occasion. This is the perfect product, which can give glamour finish of your appearance. 

   There are 10 shades - rich, vivid, vibrant, unique, beautiful colors, packed in amazing luxury outfit, as small jewel.

   For those of you, who are fans of the Nude Make Up, this can be Top choice - number DC28. Really very successful composition of this nude shade of stylo - shade+texture.

   The color is very beautiful in daily light, but also night time. Really amazing, soft, velvet look.

   Also, the matte effect in combination with the texture, gives illusion for additional volume and rich of your lips' shape. To understand, what exactly I mean, you should try it.


BB Cream

   This Sheer Tinted Blemish Balm Cream looks to me much better, than the same type of product of Garnier, because the last mentioned, is more like foundation with its strong texture, which gives you more color, than imagination of your natural skin's tan under. The first time, when I tried Garnier's BB cream, it invoked association with one of Maybelline's foundations, which was very hard to be washed out later. It happened several years ago, so I am not sure about the name already. Of course, it's my personal opinion and I honestly shared it.

   The texture of Flormar's BB cream is light, transparent, calming the skin and easy to wash. It's designed to comfort, but also to protect your skin from the sun. It's perfectly suitable for day and night, for casual and official appearance.

   It has three shades - Light, Light Medium, Dark Medium.

   Which one is more suitable for you, you can define by testing and also, according to the season - never forget, that Winter time, we always use this type of products (BB Cream, Foundations, Powder e.t.c.) one shade lighter and Summer time - opposite.

   It's combination of Cotton, Mix of Fig, Linseed Extracts, moisturizing and nourishing your skin! Perfect for dry, delicate and sensitive, even irritated skin.

   And one of the most important things:

Paraben Free

Mineral Oil Free

Talc Free



   I liked this product from the first time, when I tried it! It's really good and well adaptive to almost any type of skin.

   Bit as many other, this product also must be applied with some measure. Otherwise, you take risk to create mask effect :), if the quantity is too mush on your face.

BB Cream - Flormar


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  1. I've just bought the BB cream and will report back in a month to tell youhow it works for me.

  2. Hi! Thank you very much for your co-operation and interest! Yes, it would be very interesting to share how it works for you! Or course, every skin has individual particularity. For example, I have no problems with this product and I like how it looks on my skin as part from my appearance :)