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19 April 2013


Liquid Gold, Miracle, Cure...

   Olive Oil / Zeytin is well known since the down of the human existence. It's wonderful features were powerful tool as medicine and also as main cosmetics ingredient, helping against many and different problems.

   More historical information you can find in details at Wikipedia


   The real natural zehtin from green olives, smells amazing. Also, it's very delicious. 

   You can use it straight from the jar. Just apply on your hair roots with massage movements till you cover whole your hair completely and stay 1, 2, 3-5, 6 hours... 

   After you wash your hair, you will notice that the hair stays somehow heavy and more thick, than as usual.

   I was always before using olive oil from bottles from the supermarket, but when I friend bring to me this natural homemade olive oil, I realized how big difference exists between both of them - color, consistency, taste, aroma.


   Also, it's not so hard to wash out the natural olive oil from your hair. For example - I need just one or maximum two times shampooing my hair. And even your hair doesn't stay oily on like dirty after. These are things, which I was afraid from. But with this olive oil, I had no such a problem. Just all you need is - normal not too hot water, one or two times shampooing (depends on your shampoo), hair conditioner or mask.

   You can use the olive oil in many other combinations. For example with white or green clay.

   One of my hair masks - mix well clay with olive oil, till become sticky or if you prefer - little bit liquid consistency. Add one coffee spoon Rose water. If your hair is oily, you can add one coffee/tea spoon of lemon juice. You are free to measure the materials and ingredients' proportions, the way you like.

   After apply on the roots of your hair with slight massage movements. On the ends of your hair, apply mix from olive oil, rose water and drops of lemon.

   Stay 5 - 15 min. 

   Wash carefully.

   Your hair will be clean, thick, shiny.


   One more hair mask - very old:

   Smash 1-3 eggs (depends on the length of your hair) in a bowl;
   Add 2-3 soup spoon yogurt
   Mix well and apply, starting first from the roots till the ends of the hair. The rest of the quantity, you can apply on your face also.

   By the way, when I mentioned Green clay, I wanna recommend cosmetic tips about, which I find by chance in internet: Tuscan Green clay.

   Face mask (my invention :)):

   1 soup spoon white/green clay
   1 soup spoon yogurt
   1 coffee spoon olive oil

   Mix very well. Apply on the skin. Stay 5-10 min. Wash well with normal temperature water, with massage movements. Wash quickly with cold water. If you wish, you can refresh the skin with Rose water. Apply your favorite face cream.

      First time I saw how the people prepare olives for food in Turkey. They take from the market olives - as much quantity as they want, place them in big plastic jar (5-10 Lt) and fill with water completely. Close and place on dry and cold place. Now, you can change the water every day and to taste the olives, because at this stage, they still have very bitter taste, as medicine. This taste is disappearing with the time. After two or approximately three weeks, they will be ready. After move them in new jar and fill it with olive oil to cover all olives. Bon apetit! :)

   I hope, in this short resume, I gave you some useful info and tips.

   I'll be happy, if it's helpful and interesting for you.

   If you have any questions or requests, please, let me know!

   Enjoy :)


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