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31 May 2014


   Hello, friends!

   After long time of deep researching in details, I finally made choice and ordered my first haul of Korean cosmetics products.

   I have to mention, that the Korean cosmetics market has very rich amount of brands and thousands of products, which have really very high quality, providing very good results, for any type of skin, on very large diapason of prices - from very low till very high prices.

   As main following line, the Korean cosmetics market puts accent on the Nature:

   - natural ingredients' extracts as much as possible - honey, honey oatmeal, milk, orchid, aloe, olive oil, green tea, deep sea collagen, glacier's water, seaweeds extracts, different seeds oils,  argan, caviar, gold, rice, camellia, green persimmon, soybean, tomato, rosemary, jasmine, Bulgarian rose,  calendula, peppermint, raspberry, different herbs, volcanic ingredients, black sugar, sake, egg, pine nut, pomegranate, cabbage, broccoli, watery berry, coffee and many others...

  - harmful ingredients free products - mineral oil free, parabens free, artificial colors free
     - animal ingredients free and no animal tested
     - oriental medicine products - ginseng, red ginseng
    - other ingredients - Vitamin C, E, B vitamins, Hyaluronic acid, Synake, peptide...
     - Snail mucus' cosmetics, which is hit on the market

   Main lines are:

   - Anti-age
   - Whitening
   - Wrinkles
   - Acne
   - Blackheads e.t.c.

   Main type of products:

  - Cream - as skincare: face, eyes, neck, body, hands, feet, hair; as makeup - BB, CC;
   - Serums, oils, ampules, fluids, fillers
   - Body lotions, body butters, body mists
   - Everything about nails
   - Shampoos, hair masks, hair, mists...
   - Lip balms, lipsticks, lip tints, lip glosses...

   (The majority of these products are absolutely competitive as quality and results, with the western brands of the same type of products! Just the prices are lower and they are giving much better results!)

   Some of the most popular brands:

 MIZON, Nature Republic, Lioele, IOPE, Innisfree, SKINFOOD, It's skin, SKIN79, Too cool for school, TONYMOLY, Holika Holika, Laneige, Etude House...

   But let's start with the review of my first choice of Korean cosmetics products:

   As I already mentioned, after a long research - browsing, reading, watching, I choose two online cosmetics stores, trusted from the majority of the clients: and KOREADEPART:

Screencapture from the online store KOREADEPART

   I ordered around 4.05.2014 and it arrived at 24.05.2014 intact and in very good condition, as you will see from the following photos:
The box

   When I opened the products from the bubble plastic isolator, I found plastic bag with free testers:

On the top of the products - free testers

   And under:

   The testers:   

Here you can see them in details:

All around Safe Block Waterproof Sun Milk SPF50+ / PA+++ - MISSHA;
Daily defence Multi action 6-in-one Dark Knight Cream - Care Lab;
Acerola Collagen Essence Face Mask - Regeneration, Moisturizing, Nutrition - DERMAL;
Precious Mineral BB CREAM Bright Fit, Whitening & Anti-wrinkle, Anti-darkening, SPF30 / PA++ - ETUDE HOUSE;
MOISTGEN Emulsion Skin Hydration - IOPE;
MOISTGEN Softener Skin Hydration - IOPE;
RED SERUM Dr. Color Effect, Skin protective Revitalizing High Concentrate - Skin&Lab;
KILL COVER Realest Wear Moist Foundation, SPF35 / PA++ - CLIO Professional;

Each product were sealed with nylon:

Wrapped in nylon

Wrapped in nylon

Wrapped in bubble plastic isolation cover

Two products, wrapped in bubble plastic nylon

   Some of them are sealed:

   Let's start with short description of the products:


   MIZON is one of the most famous cosmetics companies and leaders on the Korean market, which creates and provides to the customers very large spectre of high quality products on acceptable prices.

   This product is one of the most famous among the female circle of the beauty community of customers. There are many positive feedbacks and reviews made by bloggers, vloggers and different fort of clients. 

   The description on the jar says it all - "A high concentration of 92% snail, extract promotes skin repair, effectively resolving skin problems."

   This is how the box usually looks like:

It's sealed with hologram label of the brand MIZON

   This was the product, which I wanted very much to try - I found many positive reviews for it and it woke up my curiosity. I've never before used product with snail mucus, but I heard about its existence long time ago. That time, I was not very sure which brand I would choice, so I started my research, which leaded me to MIZON's cream.

   This type of products claim to help for intensive skin repair, anti-blemish effect, anti-aging, acne scars and spots disappearing, refreshing and renewing the skin tonus and tone.

   Some people say, that they have problems of the cream doesn't works from the beginning, or they have no idea how to use it or what to do with this product.

   Very sure I can tell you, that this cream really works. It doesn't make miracles instantly, but it works. You must use it regularly on absolutely clear skin - after makeup removing, after toner, before cream/BB/CC cream.

   Depends on your type of skin, you can notice the first positive results the next day.

   Personally, I started to use it the same evening after its arriving, on clear skin, before go to sleep, with no night cream after. And I continued to do it 3 nights this way. After I found that there are results, I continue this way for now.

   The results, which I'm observing are nourishing the skin, reducing the elasticity, the skin looks fresh, somehow renewed, soft, no stretchy feeling on the dry areas, it refreshes your tan, helps blemishes to disappear with the time.

   As every product, this also needs some time to manage how it may works the best possible way for each one of us.

  The texture of this product is not as a typical cream, but more likely as little bit elastic gel. Elastic, because when you place it between your fingers and open them, the cream is stretching.

   The product is very light. You must use it on clear face as base under the day/night cream. It is not sticky, it is not thick or oily. It's very light and the skin absorbs it very quickly. Really very quickly. After you feel your skin - especially on the dry spots, calm, elastic and nourished. It doesn't make additionally oily your T-zone, which makes me think, that this product can be very suitable for oily skin, too.

   The jar is made by glass, which is absolutely suitable for keeping the quality of the cosmetics inside. It's 75ml, which is also wonderful, because most of the creams are 40-45-50 ml.

  Also you can use it long time, because you need small amount from the product for your face and neck.


   It's available on price 20.93 USD from Koreadepart.

   TOMATOX - Magic massage pack by TONYMOLY

   It has one of the cutest ever packages, which you can find for cosmetics product - very beautiful and realistic big tomato :)

TOMATOX - Magic Massage Pack
   Very beautiful package!!!

Look how beautiful it is - SOOO LOVELY!

   In the online stores you will see the name of this product as "Magic White Massage Pack", despite on the box it's written without the word "white". It's this way, because its whitening effect, also. 

   As you can see on the box - "Containing Tomato extracted water and Tomato ingredients, this multi-functional massage & pack brings instant magic vitalizing effects into the skin". It's also containing pure Pearl powder. 

  I read many reviews about this product and I can categorized them in 3 categories - works, not works, works with temporary effect.

   The 1-st group of people, who says "works" explain as result - soft skin, bright skin, pore tightening effect, pore reduction, whitening effect, good for sensitive skin, amazing result, immediate result, beautiful bright skin, loved product...

  The 2-nd group - "not works" - says - feeling itchy or burning of the skin during the usage, if you have sensitive skin; the skin peels off; hard to wash away,

   The 3-rd group - "temporary effect" - the skin looks bright sore some time after...

   Obviously, these differences are coming from the various types of skin characteristics of each one of us and from our different expectations. 

   According to the purpose of the product and the description how it works, we understand, that there is brightening skin mask, with slight burning effect with whitening result, which result may stay contemporary, depending on the skin.

   I still didn't use this product, but when I do it, I will write review about my impressions.

   The product comes in this cute apple shaped jar and the package's details you can browse on the following photos:

   The jar is 80 g and it comes with small spatula inside:

   This is how the product looks like - snow white:

   I purchased it from Koreadepart, where it's available on price 8.98 USD.

    SKINFOOD - HONEY Rich Neck Cream, Sweet & Moist Honey

   The next cream, which I purchased is this incredible neck cream:
HONEY Rich Neck Cream - by SKINFOOD

  This product's purpose is to help your skin into the prevention care about this so tender neck skin, which is very sensitive to the weather changes of the different seasons, especially such extreme differences, as the winter cold, the summer heat on the beach. In one or another way, the neck skin is the first, which shows the age changes, so the care of this sensitive area is very important - nourishing, refreshing and making masks from fruits or another natural ingredients.

   I already have some opinion about this product and I can tell, that the feeling is one relaxed nourished skin, so soft and nice. I will see, how this product's effect will be with the time, till the tube finish and I'll make review.

   You can give it a try by purchasing from Koreadepart for 9,46 USD as I did.

   HOLIKA HOLIKA - SODA Pore Cleansing - B.B. Deep Cleansing Oil

   "Holika Holika" is branch's brand of the cosmetics brand "Enprani". It's one of the most popular and trusted on the Korean Cosmetics Market.

   The following product (and the other from this kind) is specially created for cleansing BB cream. On the Eastern Cosmetics Market exists this type of makeup removing items - called "Hydrophilic oil", because of the specific of the real B.B. cream.

  When I say "real" B.B. Cream, I mean the difference between the Eastern, Asian B.B. Cream and the same named product, on the Western Cosmetics Market. Simply, the second one is tinted moisturizer, with no coverage - it stays as color transparent veil, changing visually your tan.  The "real" Asian B.B. Cream is Blemish Balm product, which has healing and the same moment, covering effect. It's more skin friendly product, which is highly suitable also for very sensitive skin or skin with problems, which of course means, that it is product, suitable for all types of skin (depends of the individual specific characteristics of the skin in some medical conditions - always must try, before use). It's usually in light tones, except MISSHA's B.B. cream, which offers more color tones and shades.

   This product is little bit thick, so needs different makeup removing product, as the following one:

SODA Pore Cleansing - B.B. Deep Cleansing Oil by HOLIKA HOLIKA

   SODA Pore Cleansing is set of cleansing products and the B.B. Deep Cleansing Oil is one of them. It's formulated with natural main ingredients - Olive Oil, Argan Oil, Harrogate Spa. It cleans and has heals the causes of dermatitis inside the pores. It leaves your skin nourished, elastic, soft, relaxed. It has lovely tender fragrance of fresh peach and apples - as it seems to me. 

   Simply put small amount from the oil on your dry hands and massage gently on the skin. It becomes like light transparent almost white color emulsion, if you start to wash it out with lukewarm water.

   When I started to use it, I find out that with Eastern B.B. cream (some brands) it's little bit hard. You must apply and massage at least 2-3 times. I tried also to use it for removing CC cream - Avon. It was very hard, because this CC cream appeared as waterproof product. Part of it still stayed on my face.

   I must put accent on the fact, that it is not aggressive makeup remover product, which directly removes all type of makeup. No! It works, but it's very gently and tender to the skin. After some time of using it, you will find out how it really works and what you have to do.

   When I try this product on at least 3-4 different brands of Easters B.B. Creams, than I will make review and will tell you my general opinion. Meanwhile, feel free to post me your experience. I'll be happy to learn more about. All the opinions form customers are positive.

   KOREADEPART - where I purchased the product from, sales it for 10.83 USD. The package is lovely pump plastic bottle, 150 ml. The color is light green as green apple. 

     ETUDE HOUSE - CC Cream (Correct & Care) SPF 30 / PA ++   #02 Glow

  ETUDE HOUSE is no.1 selling brads on the Korean cosmetics Market. It accents on carrying and keeping the youth and the beauty of the women worldwide and reflects on the dream of every woman to be or to feel princess.

     This nice CC Cream exists in two different types:

       - #01Silky - for finished cover with silky skin texture

   - #02Glow - for glowing skin texture, moist skin and complete cover

   It's 8-in-1 multi functional type of product:

   1. anti-wrinkle care effect's essence

   2. stress care essence

   3. moisturizing

   4. UV protection

   5. whitening essence

   6. make up base

   7. primer

   8. lightening volume

   It gives natural skin effect and excellent correction.

   This CC Cream includes Magic Layering Capsules - with the swiping, the white color chances to pink beige tone. But the first moment, it looks little bit thick white consistency. Smells very nice.

   Among the different opinions there are several main:

   1. Perfect as Primer/Base

   2. Not for oily skin.

   3. Not for oily skin.

   4. Some people don't like the glow effect - another find it wonderful.

   5. Good for oily combination skin.

   :D   :D   :D   

   This is nice product, which as every another product works and gives different results on the different skins. So, before you decide to try it:

   1. Decide what effect you want to achieve - Silky or Glow.

  2. Definitely it doesn't provide perfect absolute coverage, because don't forget - this is CC, not B.B. cream. BUT, it can be used under B.B cream as perfect Primer/Base!

      KOREADEPART offers it for 9,76 USD, 35g tube.

   SKINFOOD - Moisture Egg Hair Pack, Food Therapy

   Moisturizing hair pack with eggs' extracted ingredients, containing protein and vitamin.


SKINFOOD - Moisture Egg Hair Pack  

    As all Korean products, this one also smells so lovely!!!...

  It's in tube, 200 g. The color of the content is yellow-creamy. 

  After shampooing, apply on wet hair and leave for 5 minutes.

   It leaves the hair lovely fragranced, soft, shining.


   For more details - KOREADEPART's web page, where it's available on price 7.32 USD.

   CARE LAB - Pudding Brush

   Lovely nice brush for mixing content and applying masks on your face.


   You can find it on KOREADEPART for 2.93 USD.


   I can confirm, that I find these products on really very high quality level, which over jump my expectations. Also, I find them more skin friendly, than the most of the popular Western brands' cosmetics products.


Photo without flash

Photo without flash

   I definitely will repurchase some of these products.

  I like the high quality, the package,  the results.

 I recommend you to try Korean Cosmetics! You will be surprised! Amazing products!

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