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19 April 2014


   Hi, friends!

   I'm so excited - I finally got my first haul from E.L.F. in the middle of March - 20-25 days, after I purchased it online and I feel really happy, not only because of the correct customer service, but also, because of the high quality of the products! Yes, there are little disappointments, related with the package, but about the products - as I already said, they are very high quality and this is mine personal opinion. Based on this opinion, I recommend them!

   It took one month (around 20 - 25 days) to arrive, but it's finally here :)

   So, let's unpack.

  It arrived in this appearance - no nylon, nothing else. Symply - this way. Of course, I was little bit concerned - soft box, little bit misshapen here there, what the condition of the products would be inside? Are they ok or broken?

   When I opened, I saw the "buffer zone", made by cutted pieces of another box.

   And under:

   Here I want to make notice - E.L.F. service is very correct, very good. Except of some small disappointments, which I will describe first and after I will continue with the description of the products, which are really very high quality.   

   I spotted this single lipstick unpacked and in the first moment I was not sure, what exactly that means.

   But I found the lower part of the lipstick's package under the "buffer" paper. So, now it's clear, that this was result from a pressure on the box, during it's long travel.


   To be sure, that my doubt is not just a doubt, I pressed the same way the other lipstick and its package opened very easily. I already was sure, that this had happened, because of the pressure.

e. l. f. Essentials Lipstick - in shade Seductive

   And I started the most exciting moment of my haul - the unpackaging!!! One by one...

     One by one... 

   Until I finally rich on the bottom of the box, what I was waiting for so long time - 100 Piece Marble Eyeshadow Palette by e.l.f. STUDIO:

   Another little disappointment, which I spotted was about the mascara - its package box was unsealed this way, by the pressure.

   But when I opened it, it was looking completely new - still unopened before.

   After this, I started to open and check all the products, which package were looking suspiciously damaged.

   These eyeshadows' package was opened from the upper side - just the design was this way. 

   But when I opened, I saw little swatch on the eyeshadows:

   Unfortunately, this haul started with these disappointments and I had really strong heart beating, when I was opening my pallette to look it for first time. I've been expecting for this moment so long...

   The first thing I checked was the seals on the box. They were looking almost perfect.

   BUT... when I unsealed and opened the palette - 4-5 eyeshadows had already swatches... Very light, but anyway - swatches...

   Only on one of the palettes. It means only one thing to me, that somebody did not like the palette colors and sent it back to e.l.f. or somebody from the manufacture department did it, before to seal it (which is hardly unbelievable).  It was great disappointment, of course...

   I could only hope, that those who did it, had at least clear hands...

   Thanks God, the other products were untouched.

   So, let's start with the review of the products :).

   All Over Colour Stick

   I choose it in color Golden Peach.
   Lovely product with very high quality. It's multi stick, which has been designed to be used on eyes, lips and face. Its glowing effect on the skin is amazing. Unfortunately, it cannot be captured in whole its beauty on a photo - my camera is not professional and can not do it ;(. 
   It's easy to apply and the effect on your skin is incredible. Great multifunctional product.
   I love it!
   The photo is not quite clear, but it gives the best matching shade of how really the Golden Peach color looks like.
   It's very easy to apply - it slides very smoothly on the surface of the skin and... o, my God, it smells sooooo deliciously.... sooooo yummy.... something like peach and tangerine.

   Clarifying Pressed Powder

   I purchased it in Light Beige shade. 
   The real color is one shade darker, than on the photo. It's matte and gives the skin velvet finish. It has almost unnoticeable aroma of tangerine. It does not give coverage, but just tender transparent veil of your chosen shade.
    I like it very much and I recommend it.    High quality product. I love it!

   Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder

   This delicate Bronzer product I choose in Sun Kissed color.
   It's tender transparent product with very light creamy smooth texture. It comes in three shades.
   It has no aroma.
   It gives to the skin very tender glow with velvet finish. 
   You can apply it with finger, with brush or puffy applicator (it comes with no tool for applying) - the result will be always very beautiful glowing finish on your makeup.
   I like this product and I recommend it. The quality is super and the glow effect is like no other products.
   You must have it!
   I love it!

   Brightening Eye Colour

   Beautiful mini eye shadow quad in beautiful natural compitation of colors - shade Ethereal
   Four beautiful shades with smooth silky finish. No fragrance. Light pigmentation. Day ware only. Can be found in 14 different variants of color combinations eye shadow quads.
   Small mirror is included under the make up tool.
    The colors are more vivid, than on the photo or than on the website's photo.
   This is also very high quality product, as all e.l.f. products.    I love it!

   Studio Pigment Eyeshadow

   Another one high quality product in 8 shades. I purchased in color Tropical Teal.
   Vivid beautiful shade, but not intensed. It's in small box (as powder) with small brush. Personally, I find it mush better to use normal eyeshadow applicator or finger. Very often happens, that the brush just throw some amount of the product on the under eye area and it leaves colored spots, which you have to clear after and to apply your foundation or/and powder (or concealer) again.
   This lovely product comes in 9 beautiful vivid shades.
   Long lasting, jewel-shining.
   Another high quality product, which you must have in your purse!

   Glitter Eyeshadow

   One product, which I love love love.
   I purchased it in Beachy Chic. It exists in 7 shades. I want to purchase more, but unfortunately they are out of stock ;(
   Amazing bright color - super vibrant and vivid, with intensed glittery notes.
   I would describe this shade as vibrant intensive Jade color with glittery silky effect.
   Personally, I love to use it as eyeliner. The effect is incredible. Especially with eye primer as base.
   But, you must be careful, how you will store it, because when you start to use it with brush, the surface will be like powder and it will very easily goes everywhere in your cosmetics bag.

   High quality product, which I am using very often - especially now, when the Summer is approaching.
   I love it!

   Eye Enhancing Eyeshadow

   High quality product, from e.l.f.'s line STUDIO, designed in 6 different color compositions.
   My choice is Blue Eye 2. As the brand claims, these 6 palettes are designed to enhance the
individuality of the eyes' color in night and daily look.
   I'm little bit wondering how big could be the possible effect, because the eyeshadows itself are so slightly pigmented, that they actually look as color shades, rather than normal eyeshadows, which could give some possible accent, but not even contrast.
   About this product, I find resemblance with AVON's 8 in 1 palettes. Same light pigmentation
and compact texture of the eyeshadows.
   So, this is another high quality product, which you may choice without hesitation.

100 Piece Marble Eyeshadow Palette

   Finally, it arrived!   :)

   100 Piece Marble Eyeshadow Palette - every girl must have it!

   Definitely, high quality product with very interesting and unique variations of the green, blue, red, yellow, purple, brown, whit-gray-black line, and nude colors tonality (looked in vertical directions - column of these colors).
   The numerous choices of shades and their variations between matte and shine eyeshadows, gives possibilities of a different effects and looks - everything, what one great painter needs for his masterpiece.
   Some of the colors are very pigmented, some are very light and delicate colored. Some are vibrant, some are not so much. Here you will find color combinations for morning, daily, evening make up appearance, for all type of occation and the final result depends only on your fantasy and skills. 
   Have a fun, working with this palette!
   I love it!
   Luscious Liquid Lipsticks
   Pigmented, shiny, luxury liquid lipstick. Not waterproof, but long time stays on the lips. Very pleasant fragrance. 
   9 shades available.
   I choose it in color Raspberry. 
   When I say "shiny" - I mean glossy. This color itself is without any pearl of shiny ingredients in it. Just the effect on the surface of the lips is very beautiful mirrored reflection.
   Very high quality product, which I definitely will purchase again and again.
   I love it!
   Plumping Lip Glaze

   Plumping Lip Glaze - Little lip product, which every woman must have!

   As you already saw - this product contains two parts. White pearl - which is the plumping liquid treatment, and colored one - which is the lip glaze itself.
   4 shades available.
   My choice is in shade Wink Pink - lovely bonbon shade of tender fresh pink with slight fruity scent and sweet taste.
   The lip plumping white pearl liquid have strong eucalypt-minty scent and once added on your lips, it gives cooling sensation and your lips start to react on this sense.
   You can use this product in different ways:
- applying only the lip plumper
- applying the color
- applying the lip plumper and the color after
- applying the lip plumper and other lip glaze product
   Lovely product!
   Super Glossy Lip Shine SPF 15
   Lovely shiny  Super Glossy Lip Shine SPF 15 with tender sparkling effect and amazing tangerine scent.
   From all 13 shades, I choose Party Peach.
   Beautiful Summer shade with SPF 15 sun protection.
   High quality product with beautiful effect!
   Jumbo Lip Gloss Stick
   Jumbo Lip Gloss Stick in 8 lovely shades. My choice is Tiki Torches.
   Not pigmented. Gives bronzing effect - this color shade. Beautiful effect. Nice scent. Long lasting.
   Moisturizing Lipstick - e.l.f. studio
   High quality product with very good pigmentation and texture. Leaves your lips very well nourished and smooth surface, with nice fruit scent.
   Available in 10 different shades.
   My choice was these tree shades - Cheeky, Party in the Buff and Coral Cute.
   The formula contains Shea and Vitamins A, C, & E.
   The box is made from metal - very clear and stylish design.
   The texture of the product is slightly creamy, so when I apply it on my lips (especially the matte shades), after the first coat, I prefer to tap on them with paper tissue and after to apply another layer.
Party in the Buff
Coral Cutie
      I highly recommend this product.
   e. l. f. Cosmetics Essentials Lipstick
   Another type of lipstick from e. l. f.'s big collection of wonderful products - Lipstick, from Essentials collection.
   Long lasting effect, pleasant fruity scent (little bit stronger, than the other lipsticks). Vivid beautiful colors, pigmented, fresh, vibrant (some colors) - 12 shades.
   My choice is in shade Seductive - nice, pigmented color, no pearl effect, but leaves shiny surface on the lips.
   I definitely will purchase more colors.
   High quality, do what it claims, very nice effect.
   I recommend it!
   Brush Holder - Eyes Lips Face

   Large Brush Holder, subdivided on 3 sections.

   Girls, ladies, you must have it!!!
   This perfect way to organize your brushes or your make up pencils. Let's say, you have two - one for your brushes, and another - for your pencils.
   After 20 days of waiting, finally - unpacking :)
   Very nice outside smooth velvet surface. Easy to wash, enough large 3 sections, to hold all your brushes or pencils.
   Nice clear design. Very functional product.
   In brief:
   I am very happy with these products and the customer service (despite those small disappointments about the packaging)!
   e. l. f.'s products have very high quality and I definitely will purchase again and some of them I'll re-purchase!
   By the way, I am already waiting for my next haul :)
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