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06 June 2014

FLORMAR - COLOR MADNESS COLLECTION 2014 - My small haul and observation on the market

   Hello, friends!

  I just spotted on the market two days ago the newest Flormar products for 2014 - Crazy Colors Madness - Eyeshadows, Mascara, Lipsticks, Eyelashes...
  As beginning, I bought one from each type to try, but I think, I'll buy more :)

Crazy Look Mascara, Twist up Lipstick, Fusion Baked Eye Shadow

Crazy Look Mascara - Sax Blue 006, Twist up Lipstick - Coral 056, Fusion Baked Eye Shadow - Earthtones FB04

   The ad video of the newest products, you can watch here, as it's not available in YouTube, unfortunately.


  These eyeshadows have very beautiful combinations of different color tones, powerfully sparkling and providing high coverage.

   You can use them as dry and also as wet. If you are using them as wet, than the color becomes much brighter and vivid, than before and it sparkles increases.
Fusion Baked Eye Shadow

   The same time, they make very good contact with your skin, they don't irritate or dry it and protect it against the external factors.

   You can browse all colors now:
Magnetic Black - FB12

Missed Heaven - FB11

Fusion Bordeaux - FB10

Universal Green - FB09

Aztec Fields - FB08

World Madness - FB07

Peaceful Violet - FB06

Starry Orange - 05

Earthtones - FB04

Dark Side - FB03

Gold Shines - FB02

Cloud in the sky - FB01

   I bought the the amazing Earthtones eyeshadow:

Earthtones - FB04


   The newest set of lipstick colors is bringing us to new color dimensions. Nothing can compare with fresh smile at the beginning of the day :)

                                                             TWIST UP LIPSTICK

   The newest formula provides coverage, intense creamy and bright colors. Soft, comfortable texture. 

   You can instantly turn your lips into attractive lips with this new lipstick pencil and its new 12 colors palette:

Mat Coral 056

Mat Raspberry 055

Mat Flame 054

Mat Cranberry 053

Mat Caramel 052

Mat Fuchsia 051

Pearl Mauve 016 

Pearl Berry 015

Pearl Pink Dream 014

Pearl Deep Coral 013

Pearl Renk Orange 012

Pearl Party Pink 011

   I bought for me

Twist up Lipstick - Color 056


   Revolutionary new set of colors :)! Here you can see fresh and plain colors. Very beautiful colors, which challenge you to dare to try something absolutely new :)

   Rainbow colors, volume, shape. Mascara, which I really like, especially its brush. It helps you to comb the lashes and to spread them aside, building arch, and the same moment - volume. Contains panthenol.

    The colors:

Sax Blue - 006

Yellow - 005

Fuchsia - 004

Light Blue - 003

Orange 002

Black 001

   For now, I choose Sax Blue:

Sax blue 006

   Despite it looks as light blue here, actually it is dark (not very dark) electric blue, which is especially suitable for brown eyes. Very beautiful intense blue color.

   For more details about this collection, you can check on Flormar's website.

   In conclusion I can say, that I like the quality of the products of this collection. Here you can find everything for everyone of us. Right now in the moment, I am using these products and definitely, I will buy more and different colors.

    They are very suitable for artistic makeup on the stage, too.

Enjoy ;)

Natalié Beauté

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