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21 June 2014


   Hello, friends!

   Weeks ago I got my KOREADEPART haul and I already had time to test some of the products, so I have already formed some opinion.

   Today I want to write about the hair mask from SKINFOOD - Moisture Egg Hair Pack, Food Therapy.

   The company describes the product as follows:


   I was and I am still using this wonderful hair mask after two times shampooing, living it on the hair for 5 minutes (sometimes - 10, but no longer). 

   With the moment of the applying of the product, the hair instantly becomes smooth and soft. Don't forget - apply on semi-dry hair, for better result. This is very important in order the product to stay maximum concentrated and not mixed with the water.

   Soon after you excess proper amount of the product in your hand, you will notice that there are some very small granules. I was thinking first, that these are some microgranules, containing some additional ingredient. 


   When I peeled off the etiquette, under - I was very curious to check what this could be:


  I found that this could be the mentioned "rice powder". Here I must say, that it doesn't give any sensation of itching or irritation, or whatsoever. The Rice Powder is famous with its very good oil-absorbing qualities It's very good skin and hair treatment. It's very well mixed inside the product, so when you apply the mask on your hair and wash it easily after 5 minutes, the result is soft, shining, elastic, nicely fragranced hair.

   Except the Rice Powder, the mask contains also Egg Yolk Extract. What is this? "Chicken egg yolks are a major source of vitamins and minerals. They contain all of the egg's fat and cholesterol, and about one-half of the protein." (Wikipedia)

   So, as food or cosmetic source, it's very useful ingredient, which we all need!

   There is some very nice fragrance, which is spreading all over the bathroom and it's so yummy :)

  Only one thing bothers me among the ingredients - it contains parabens and mineral oil. So, from this point of view - everybody must decide individually to choice this product or not. Personally, if I knew about this before, I would think before I buy it. But anyway, the product is very nice and works properly - your hair becomes as I already described, and also it becomes easy for combing.

   If you already tried or used this product before, you can leave me comment - I would love to learn what your experience is with this product.

   Thank you, for giving attention for my review! I hope it's useful for you!

   Natalié Beauté

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