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16 January 2015


   Hello, Ladies!

   The temperatures suddenly dropped down around 0 C and the skin is screaming for SOS care.


   It came to me as surprise in my MEMEBOX SUPERBOX #26 SNAIL2

   Long time, I avoided this cream, because it seemed to me as normal to oily cream, which gives some feeling, as if you have very tender oily shield on your face. Not oily in meaning as something heavy, annoying, but as cream, which is not suitable for everyday, but sometimes, when your skin needs serious protection from the dry or/and cold environment (winter time also). That was my first thought, after I tried it.

   But now, when it's already real winter, with very low temperatures, cold wind, dry or wet air, snow + air condition at home (or another source of heating and drying the air) - all these are factors, which are test for your skin. It dries, it feels uncomfortable, it loses moisture very fast, it becomes red and somehow irritated. All we need is to keep skin's moisture and to keep deeply nourishing it. Good masks, natural oils, skin care ampoule and good cream can help us to maintain one normal level of winter skin care for healthy and beautiful skin.

    This particular Snail Cream contains 99,5% snail mucus extract, betaine, adenosine. Mucus helps for elasticity, against blemishing, against dark spots, fading fine lines. Adenosine helps for the active fight skin aging. It leaves thin film covering the skin' surface for hours and protecting against drying and another unpleasant external enemy factors. But, it is not the same effect as those face creams, which contains mineral oil or paraffinum liquidum, and covering the face with thick film, they are extracting the moisture from the skin and bringing it on its surface, blocking the pores and preventing the skin from taking breath.


   Wonderful and working product, with very good influence on your skin!


Natalié Beauté

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