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06 January 2015


   Hello, Ladies!

  I recently got this nice kit with mini sized products - Facial wash, Day Cream, Night Cream, Dual Eye System: 

  AVON's ANEW Reversalist is skincare system for +35 age, for minimizing wrinkles.

   Opening the box:

   With the following photos, I am giving you chance to see all the products from very close range and even to read the list.

  This small ANEW Reversalist COMPLETE RENEWAL 14 days kit contains: 

   - Foaming Cream Cleanser 50 ml
  - Day Cream SPF 25 UVA/UVB (contains Oxybenzone) 15 ml
   - Night Cream 15 ml
   - Dual Eye System  2,5 g + 15 ml


 This product has very good cleansing ability. It can completely wash out all the make up remains from your skin. It's consistency is not like the usual foam cleansers. This one is very thick as it reminds me one shaving cream, which I am using sometimes for shooting problem spots on the skin. It smells the same way and it has the same powerful calming effect. So, in order to apply, you have to swipe it very well and thoroughly on all over the surface of your skin. This way, it's not only turning into foam, but it's also "melting" the make up remains from your skin.

   With this foam you can use delicate face brush for cleansing the problem zones with large pores and blackheads. 


  Nice moisturizing cream with light texture and lovely soft clean fragrance. Swipes and absorbs easy from the skin. Suitable for Spring, Autumn.

   Provides good sunscreen protection - SPF 25 as it contains Oxybenzone (as the most of the sunscreen containing products).

   NIGHT CREAM 15 ml

   It has lighter texture, than the Day Cream. Also swipes and absorbs easier, than the Day cream. Provides very good moisturizing of the skin, during the night hours.

   Delicate fragrance, different from the Day Cream and little bit - let's say "one idea" more powerful.

   DUAL EYE SYSTEM - 2,5 g + 15 ml

  Dual Eye Care System - Cream around eyes and delicate Pearl shine veil.


   Here on the box you can check all the ingredients, which are included in these products:


   All descriptions are included in the list. Here, you can read them:


   Nice small travelling set, which helps you to maintain your skincare even, when you are on a way.


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