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30 December 2014



   It's time to unpack the wonderful products, from my second and last for this year haul from KOREADEPART!

   Details about my first haul, you can read on my first article.

   For those of you, who want to buy original Korean brands cosmetics and still don't know where to buy from and weather it will come or not: - KOREADEPART is the most sure place for this (if there are not very strict rules about cosmetics cargo at the border of the country, where you are living).

   The reasons why I like KOREADEPART:

   - all products are original and sealed (as they come from the manufacturer)
   - you can opportunity to choice from very large "data base" of brands, available on the Asia cosmetics market
  - very accurate and correct shipping - they charge for shipping, but their details include not only the tracking number, but also the flight number, which your package is travelling with
   - you can choice not only cosmetics products, but also - food, clothes, bags, shoes, accessories, another sorts of products, they have also their own TV / YouTube channel in English and another in Korean, where you can watch some cosmetics tips.

   What is inside my second haul box?

   Power 10 Formula by IT'S SKIN - 30 ml

   These are some of the most popular IT'S SKIN products - 10 ampoules with different active ingredients for solving different skin problems and giving care for your specific skin problems.

   I stopped my attention to the following 3 ampoules:

  - Power 10 Formula VB Effector   -   This ampoule controls the Sebum, the vitamin B calms the skin troubles and makes your skin soft
   - Power 10 Formula VC Effector   -   Contains vitamin C, whitening effect, pore-tightening. 
   - Power 10 Formula VE Effector   -   Contains vitamin E, has luster and concentrated nourishment

IT'S SKIN - Power 10 Formula VB Effector, Power 10 Formula VC EffectorPower 10 Formula VE Effector - 30 ml

   Original Power by NATURE REPUBLIC - 30 ml

   Another two very popular and highly appreciated products among the skincare ampoules:

   - Argan Oil Ampoule   -   Rich ampoule, containing Argan oil (1500 mg), Grape Seed Oil, Jojoba Oil, Lavandin Oil, Orange Oil and Lavender Oil, Vitamin E

   8 Non Added Formulas (Non-Paraben, Non-Mineral Oil, Non-Talc, Non-Sulfate Surfactant, Non-Triethanolamine, Non-Petrol Lithium, Non-artificial colors)

   - Blemish Ampoule  -   Mistletoe Leas Extract, Imperata extract, Mung Bean Extract, Tea Tree Oil, Mineral Water, Oxygen

  5 Non Added Formulas (Mineral Oil, Benzyl Alcohol, Triethanolamine, Petrolatum)

NATURE REPUBLIC - ORIGINAL AMPOULE - Argan Oil Ampoule and Blemish Ampoule - 30 ml
   Rice Mask by SKINFOOD - 100 g


   Wonderful Rice Face Mask - really looking like rice with milk and smells sooo nice!

   Leaves the skin elastic, nourished, clean, after 10-15 min. gentle face massage.

   This Cleansing Water contains organic Green Tea extract (100 ppm) from Boseong, provides moisture and cleans impurities from the skin.

   Just clean the face as usual - put on cotton and wipe out very gently, and after you don't need to finish with lukewarm water (only in some cases you can wash out with water - depends on the skin).


   - artificial color
   - artificial flavor
   - benzophenone
   - parabens
   - animal raw materials
   - mineral oil
   - talc

   It comes sealed in plastic bottle - 3oo ml.

 Girls, this is WONDERFUL, INCREDIBLE, AMAZING moisturising body milk!

   It smells exactly as one very famous expensive perfume and really gives this amazing scent to your skin for long hours after.

  The words are not enough to describe the beauty of this scent!

   Remember this product!

Perfume Seed - Rich Body Milk by THE FACE SHOP

   The product comes in plastic bottle, 300 ml.

   This light creamy texture contains Jojoba seed oil 3 mg, Jasmine extract, Rose hip oil, Vitamin A, vitamin C, glycerin.

   The perfume capsules provide long lasting scent.

   Pyramid of the Scent:

   TOP notes:              Lemon, Violet tower of lush green
   MIDDLE notes:    Jasmine, White Lily, Floral Neroli in Middletown
   BASE notes:           Musk, Faint reverberation of Sandalwood

   NO added:

   - parabens
   - benzophenone
   - mineral oil
   - animal raw materials
   - silicone

  Wonderful product - very beautiful tender, fresh, and soft fragrance - unisex.

   Natural-oriental herb cosmetics.

   Fresh floral-green fragrance.

Shower Cologne by SAIMDANG

Shower Cologne by SAIMDANG

   The product comes in lovely glass bottle, 120 ml.

   The Pyramid of the scent:

   TOP notes:                Lemon, Lime, Grapefruit
   MIDDLE notes:       Hyacinth, Bulgarian Rose, Iris
   BASE notes:              Sandalwood, Amber, Musk

   Spray all over your body after shower.

 Wonderful Cute brush for your specific skincare from KOREADEPART.

   Small, comfortable for handling into your hand brush, with small head - around 1 cm, with very thin hairs - so thin, that really can reach the pores openings.

  High quality product - made from artificial wool, aluminium, wood.

      Brush 8mm, Handle 113mm.

    It exfoliates the blackheads, the whiteheads, the sebum also on the problem areas - nose, chin, forehead or all over the face for oily skin. 

      Work with small circle motions, avoiding any pressure.

      It is water washable.



   Natural herbal shampoo. 

 Contains Ginseng, Raspberry, Pomegranate, Golden, Gujeolocho, Beta Glucan, Camellia Oil

    No color added.

  Provides intensive nutrition, leaves the hair shiny with healthy scalp.

   Wonderful haircare for you!

   The scent is oriental and beautiful!

Daeng Gi Meo Ri - Ilpum Premium Shampoo - Doori cosmetics, 500 ml

   Daeng Gi Meo Ri - Herbal Nutrition Conditioner

   The best hair conditioner, I have ever used!

   Elasticity, nutrition, shine - all you need in one!

   Innisfree - Cosmetics 100% Cotton Pads

  This small box with cotton pads were present from the seller. Thank you!

   Wonderful BB Cream! Very delicate, very light and highly moisturizing formula, gentle to the skin.  No. 2 - Natural Beige. Very well blending and collaborating with your natural skin tone (if you are not with to fair or too dark skin tone). Shooting, calming. Very gentle fragrance.

SKINFOOD - Good Afternoon Honey Black Tea BB Cream SPF 20 PA+

    I highly recommend it!!!

HOLIKA HOLIKA - Wonder Drawing 24HR Auto Eyebrow - in Gray Black No.1

   Soft automatic pen, diagonally shaped for easy drawing. On the other point it has small mascara type brush, for shaping the eyebrows.

   Eyebrows brush:

  Product, which is very comfortable for use and gives you natural look - separates and defines your eyelashes one by one.

  The unusual shape of the brush helps easy to get the desirable result.

 Ingredients: Hydrolyzed collagen, Silk Protein, Sweet Almond Oil.

   If you never before tried Cushion cosmetics, definitely you must try!

   This "technology" were developed first from IOPE and after, the other companies took the idea and continue its developing on their products.

   It looks as face powder box with mirror inside and (I call it) capsule, closed with small plastic cover. The product itself is inside this capsula and completely covered on the surface with sponge. To use it, you simply tap on it with the special face applicator and than tap on your face. Not swatching as cream on foundation, but gently tapping. 

  The capsule is replaceable.
 It is personally my opinion, but this cushion is the best possible for me!

   I bought my lovely IOPE Air Cushion from KOREADEPART in color N23 - Lovely matte Natural Beige shade.

   Its texture is tender and easy for applying on the skin, easy for absorbing, staying very naturally on the skin. It's not transparent as tinted moisturizer. It provides normal coverage, it can hide some inperfectness on your skin.

   This Cushion is mostly suitable for combined skin.

  Plastic pushing container, locking and unlocking by twisting in Right and Left direction.

   Very comfortable for use.

   Suitable not only for Nail Polish Remover, but another type of liquid product also - according to your needs, - Face tonic, Micellar Water, for example.

    Lovely and very useful tool!

    Daeng Gi Meo Ri - Gold Shampoo Samples

   When I came across very good Russian beauty blogger video in Youtube - YuLianka1981, talking about Shampoos from this line, and how happy she is from the result, because of their work on her hair, I became really curious to try them. 

   * By the way, if you are familiar with the Russian language, I highly recommend you her channel, because she is very much into cosmetics - she knows a lot of about everything, what she already tried and the way she talks, you can learn many details. She gives very good information and talks very professionally about all products.

   I already gave a lot of info, about these shampoos, which I found and bought also here in Turkey! You can read more details about them in my article "Natural Cosmetics - Korean Shampoo & Conditioner Daeng Gi Meo Ri, Original Indian Kajal by Blue Heaven, and other natural products - where you can find in Turkey - domestic and online shop". 




 This is whole my haul and samples, which I got from KOREADEPART - lovely online Korean store!

  More details about all the products I will publish, when I test them and see how they are working for me!

   Meanwhile, you can explore KOREADEPART!

   I wish all of you



Enjoy the celebration!




:)   :)   :)

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