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27 December 2014


   Hello, my dear riders!

  Last 3 months, I stopped my attention to one natural interesting for me product, which I tested and I am ready to make some notices about - NUDE by Down Under Natural's.


   SLS free?

  Than, why it contains SLSA - Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate and why it sounds so similar?
   Is this one of the tricks of the cosmetics industry?
 With few words - SLS is chemical, used in most of the shampoos (and not only the shampoos, but inside all foaming products - shower gels, liquid hand soaps, toothpaste..) It is not completely washable and one part from it stays on the scalp, making barrier with invisible thin film, which does not allow the skin to take breath and cause irritations and other problems; also it penetrates through the pores and absorbs from the body, causing health issues. 
  SLSA has been Kosher and ECOCERT certified,  larger molecules, so it does not penetrate through the skin, it is easy washable, all types skin friendly and not causing damages such, as SLS does.
   If you want to read more in details, you can check in the largest database DEEP SKIN and also here and here.

  So, I stopped my choice to this product - Down Under Natural's NUDE Shampoo - Invigorating for Normal hair with 98% Plant derived. 


    Shampoo for normal hair.

   As we can see from all these capturing our attention notes like - "98% Plant ingredients", "Eco smart", "vegan formulas", and especially "SLS free", it looks - WOW, good choice, completely natural product! 

   In Brief - FREE FROM:

   - Paraben

   - SLS/Sulfate

   - Phosphates

   - DEA

   - Phtalates

   - Dyes


   And, I decided to give it a try!

  On the following photos you can see all the details on the bottle and to read everything, what you are interested to know about this product:

   Here, on the back side of the bottle we can see more natural ingredients mentioned:

   - Eucalyptus Globulus Leaf Extract for more info here

   - Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Leaf Extract more info for its benefits here

   It has soft washing texture, which reminds me very much the texture on AVON's Advanced Techniques shampoos. If you are familiar with them, you already understand what I mean. It's silky creamy on touch - not like the other shampoo products. 

   It smells like bamboo product - very similar to many other known bamboo ingredients cosmetics. Just, smells green and natural.


   It leaves the hair clear, shiny, soft.

   Very good quality.

   It's gentle and delicate to your scalp and hair.

  If you have oily roots and dry ends, and you want to use exactly this product (because it is for Normal hair, but despite we know, sometimes we do this way), than you must know, that the feeling of clean hair stays not more than 3 days. After, you must wash it soon again. In this meaning, it's not different, than the other shampoos on the market - your hair can not last longer, than 3 days, before you must wash it again. This is what I noticed every time, after using this product.

   If you stop your attention to this product, you will not be disappointed, because it works very well as it claims. You can also use its conditioner - just make set from both of them.


Natalié Beauté

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