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27 December 2014


   Hello, Ladies!

Be glamorous

for the Holidays

with my favorite hair mask! 

    This mask is for growing long and healthy hair, and makes your hair shiny, stronger and fabulous!

    This mask is also good to apply one day before some special occasions!

   It's deeply feeding and moisturizing your hair from the scalp till the bottom.

  (For long hair - my own proportions)

   - 2-3 eggs:   

   - 1 teaspoon garlic oil or 2-3 capsules:

   - 1-2 capsules Vitamin E:

   - 2 soup spoons of olive oil:

   - 1 soup spoon of honey:

   This is how it looks like:

    Mix it very well:


   Apply first on the roots of your hair, dividing it on small sections for better approach, making the same moment, slightly massage motions on the scalp. Cover with nylon and hot towel.

    Leave it 20-30 min.

    I leave it for 1 hour.

  Wash it with normal temperature water (not hot or too warm and not cold, of course :) )!   Wash very well!  Use your favorite shampoo and conditioner or mask, as usual!

   Usually, the result is soft, shiny, easy for combing hair!



Natalié Beauté

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