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17 April 2015


   Hello, ladies!

   Recently I found product, which I really love how it works on me, and according to the comments in another cosmetics forums - it's working very well for the majority of the ladies, too! So, let me share it with you! Maybe this is the product, which you have been searching for so long time?

   I am talking about "Shimmering weightless moisture replenisher" ... 

Shimmering weightless moisture replenisher"

... from the line "Sea mineral moisture" by Organix:

 (Image: ogxbeauty)
"Sea mineral moisture"

   This is the first product, which I meet from this line and I must say, that I was pleasantly surprised: 

   1. It has light texture - watery 

   2. On the skin is little oily, but it doesn't make your hair oily

   3. It makes the combing process much easier 

  4. It gives to your hair natural looking glossity in depth, without making your hair looking oily or dirty. It's not shimmer but healthy glossy look.

   5. It's contains many natural ingredients:

   - Sea water

   - Kappaphycus Alvarezii (Algae) Extract

   - Spirulina Maxima (Algae) Extract

   - Laminaria Digitata (Sea kelp) Extract

   - Water

   6. It's silicone free, color free, paraben free

   7. It doesn't make your hair heavy

   Related to my personal experience with using this product:

  1. I apply it on towel dried hair (as it's recommended), but sometimes, also on dried hair - the tips of the hair, ie I decide, that my hair needs combing and refreshing. 

  2. Usually, once applied, it's enough for whole day. The effect does not blend out.

   3. It really makes the combing of the hair very very easy.

   4. It has pleasant fragrance, without to be annoying. It's not bothering, but after some time it disappear, so it does not clash with your perfume. 

   5. It does not stay oily.


   I find, that this product really does what it claims.

   It's high quality product, very easy for use and loyal ally to your hair glamorous look.


Photos: Natalie Beaute

   Natalié Beauté

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