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05 May 2015

RED SATIN - Limited Edition by OSCAR DE LA RENTA - EDP


  Another rich and beautiful classical fragrance - RED SATIN by Oscar de la Renta (Limited edition). Again bought from's favorite to me store - utopya_kozmetik
  Lunched 2007, this captivating fragrance was made to capture hearts and senses!

   This is unique perfume composition with very significant character and very high sensuality. The description, written on the box says it very well:

  "The new Eau de Parfum by Oscar de la Renta, so glamorous, so sensual: inspired by his fashion. 

   Radiant accords: Bergamot, Mandarin, Rose. 

   A floral and romantic harmony: Orange blossom, Clear jasmine, Orris. 

   A sensual symphony: Patchouli, Vanilla.

   Under its magical glow all women become legendary stars."


   Represented in brief, the perfume pyramid looks this way:


Bergamot, Mandarin, Rose 


Orange blossom, Clear jasmine, Orris 


Patchouli, Vanilla

   This is Floral-Oriental very sensual fragrance with woody note. Very warm, very impressive, very captivating, Oriental, but not sweet. Floral, but not overwhelming. Woody, but not heavy. 

   It smells magical. Like in fairy tale.

   The combination between orris and bergamot, makes the composition spicy in very interesting way. But the vanilla and patchouli on the base, they are making unique construction as one mean line, which stays during the whole day - from the bottle, from the first spray, through the 3 phases of the transforming and settling of the perfume on the final base notes.

   This is perfume, which definitely doesn't have anything in common with today's generation of perfumes, where most of them have some annoying chemical notes. This perfume is real EDP with depth, with content, with sense and meaning, with thought.

   Nowadays, it's hard to find this fragrance. It's rare and because of its unique characteristics, it turn very quickly into classics.

   The perfume comes into 100 ml massive deep shade red glass bottle, natural spray, flat and slightly curved bottle form both of the sides. Very beautiful bottle!

   Here you can see how the original box looks like:

Original box - in front

Original box - back side

Original box - bottom with bar code and the 4 symbol code, which can show you the manufacture date

Original box - opened, the top

The top of the cap

The bottle - in front

The bottle - back side

The bottle - natural spray

The bottle - the bottom side


 It's glamorous evening perfume, for special events and special appearance.

   Very deep, meaningful perfume.

   This perfume is suitable as signature fragrance of matured, smart, strong, powerful woman, obtaining strong character and glamour.


Photos: Natalié Beauté

   Natalié Beauté

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