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06 May 2015

REALM - EDT for women by EROX

  Today, I got my first order from online cosmetics shop and it's quite unusual...

   In generally, I love perfumes and researching and reviewing them is my passion. But, in the life of the perfume lover there is always one moment, when it comes to test and review... pheromone perfume. My opinion about this type of perfumes is quite contradictory.

Realm - 50 ml bottle

   Perfume pyramid as perfume composition:


Sicilian mandarin, Cassia 


Peony, Water lily


Honey, Vanilla

(I also found different pyramid, which I am not confirming, it's genuine description:

Top notes: 

Mandarin, water lily, peony

Middle notes: 

Pheromone, rose, honey

Base notes: 

Amber, Vanilla, Cedar)

    The fragrance, once sprayed, doesn't develop too much. It's true, that on the different people one and the same fragrance smells different, depends on the individual body chemistry. One fact is true - the smell of this perfume from the bottle and form the sheet of paper has one major difference, than the sprayed on your skin.  

   The first impression is like sweet mandarin with cassia, with honey (which is also base note), and when it settles down, the bitter tone increases. 

   Yes, there is one bitter tone, which dominates like sharp accent and I personally, find it quite disturbing. It smells like those oriental smoked clove cigarettes (which on their own are pleasant), like burned clove beans, in combination with cinnamon, like burned vanilla, and burned caramel, all together OR said in another way - it settles like one dirty smell note (dirty clothes after gym)

   Exactly this accent makes it quite unpleasant, makes your stomach turns. I don't know, what can be so addictive, as result.

    I suppose, this dirty note is or is very similar to civet - note, which makes the perfumes very very long lasting and possessing, extremely captivating you like the perfume Climat. As I test it now, in the moment, when I am writing this sentences, I am more and more sure, there is civet note added. Exactly this accent makes it quite unpleasant, makes your stomach turns. I don't know, what can be so addictive, as result.

    I've noticed, that there are many different comments about this perfume in the different websites of Fragrantica, makeupalley and other websites, and some of them mention this dirty note.

   Maybe, I must give it time to see how it really works in different environment conditions.

  On the following photo, you can see the described ingredients:


   The last component added is "Human pheromones".

  Many people are being captivated, from the moment they read "pheromones". Is this trick? Or it's really working? There are numerous and numerous opinions, reviews, advertisements, but... no one clear answer.

   Also, there is an ethic question about: is it correct to use pheromone perfume as attracting someone else? The obvious answer (IF this component really works) is - NO, it's not correct!
Because it's already about manipulation with not pure intentions.
   Somebody can say: "What about just to increase your own mood or feelings of being attractive?" Hm, very contradictory topic!

   Here, you can see more photos of original box and bottle:





   The perfume comes in box, wrapped with nylon. In bottle from 50 ml or 100 ml, from massive transparent glass, colored in red only on the top, around the cap. The perfume itself has deep red-amber color, almost caramel.


   I think, this perfume is really very contradictory, so if you are willing to buy it, you must find a way to test it, before buy it! It may settle perfect on your skin, it may not! 

   This is my only one recommendation - TEST IT, BEFORE BUY IT!!!

Photos: Natalie Beaute

   Natalié Beauté

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