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30 December 2015


   Alluring, magnificent, astonishing, "ALIEN" is incredible and very different perfume, than any other. In fact, all Thierry Mugler perfumes are whole different world and sensations. 

   Created in 2005 by Dominique Ropion and Laurent Bruyere, "ALIEN" changed the world of the fragrances. It opened one whole and entire new direction and space in the perfumery world. It challenges the senses with new level of experience. 

   The key is one very specific "note" or " conception", which brings us in entire different dimension. This "note" "sounds" and gives a bunch of different associations - overwhelming splash of scents from blooming garden after rain (the flowers and the trees are radiating); cold and icy; metallic radiance; hypnotising crystal light; grabbing; redirecting the consciousness in high and unusual levels of perceptions; futuristic; out of this world; beyond our imagination.

  This "line", which "ALIEN" engrave in the world's perfumery Art, later can be found in other masterpieces like "WOMANITY", "MY BURBERRY" (here, its accent and connection is mostly with the nature - garden after rain).

   This year, "ALIEN" has anniversary - 10 years! It's still more actual, than ever. 
    10 years of extraordinary experience and sensations!

   The specific radiance of "ALIEN" will change you - after your extraterrestrial encounter, you'll never be the same!

   "ALIEN" is ultra modern and superior fragrance, designed for the futuristic woman, the unusual woman, the woman, whose spirit is able to cross another dimensions and spaces.

   "ALIEN" is cold like the opened Space.

   "ALIEN" is deep mystery as the Universe itself.

   "ALIEN" is a travelling visitor, who came for a trip on the planet Earth.

   Mysterious, captivating, extraordinary...

   The bottle itself is designed like magical artifact from another space and time. 
   Shaped as huge jewel precious stone, inspired from the mystic attraction and the deep incredible purple color of the Amethyst, it keeps inside the magical elixir-key to a Star gate. 

   "ALIEN" is your extradimensional key!...


   The perfume has three main notes:


Sambac Jasmine Absolute


Cashmeran wood


Amber Gris

   The Sambac Jasmine absolute makes this perfume so captivating and hypnotising, that once, trapped into the aromatic veil (left as trace after person, perfumed with this fragrance), it stays with you and has very powerful impact on you!
   It's literally extraterrestrial. You have desire to go after this trace, to investigate and explore this miracle!

   The top note is very dominating and with the dry down of the perfume on your skin, it still can be traced. But in a moment, when you directly change the temperature - from hot to cold place, it powerfully emerges. 

   The heart is tamed the Fortissimo of the crystal lightly emerging Sambac Jasmine absolute, so in combination with Amber Gris, it creates such velvet-balmy calming effect, which is holding on the whole composition in warm and soft energy veil.


   The perfume comes into transparent dark purple glass bottle, 30 ml, 60 ml, 90 ml, spray. Refillable or non refillable.


   Despite its simple pyramid, "ALIEN" is perfume, which must be "listened" and understood, exactly the same way, as a song with deep message in its lyrics!

   It's perfume for special occasions and events.

     The perfume itself is so powerfully radiating, that you can feel the bottle at distance one meter near you. So, please, don't over spray it. One, maximum two sprays from distance is acceptable. 

   Or much better (as I advice about such powerful fragrances), spray 1-2 times in the air and go through the perfume cloud. That's enough and lasts for hours! (Keep in mind, that in this case, the perfume drops as not only on your skin, but also on your hair and clothes. There, it stays longer, and radiates more powerful, than on the skin.)

   As the other perfumes, "ALIEN" sounds different way during the different seasons and on different skin. 
  So, launch your own journey in the world of the extraterrestrial explorations and give it a chance to listen its melody in different environmental conditions and seasons. 

   It will surprise you!

   Because it's unusual perfume, I advice you - test, before you buy!


Product image: Natalié Beauté
   Natalié Beauté

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