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11 January 2016


  OBSESSION - one of the most popular and loved perfumes, preferable from many women in the world!
  Composed in 1985 Jean Guichard for Calvin Klein, it's nowadays eternal classic, timeless and unique in its own way!     Wearing this enchanting elixir, it will still continue turning many heads after you!
  All his characteristics are making it into the perfect signature fragrance!

   Perfume with very bright and noticeable language!

   OBSESSION is a symbol of one whole epoch, when the perfumes were truly perfumes - deep, containing natural perfume oils and ingredients, living and changing compositions, "breathing" with your skin together.
OBSESSION - Calvin Klein
   OBSESSIONS is very rich composition - spicy-hot, woody-oriental, with hints of citrus and flowers.


Green Notes, Mandarin Orange, Vanilla, Peach, Basil,
Bergamot, Lemon


Spices, Coriander, Sandalwood, Orange Blossom, Jasmine,
Oakmoss, Cedar, Rose


Amber, Musk, Civet, Vanilla, Vetiver, Incense

 The reviewed here version is of perfume with m.d. 04.08.2014 supposedly and surely reformulated. 
  It doesn't contain Evernia Prunastri (Oakmoss) Extract. I'm sure, that the version before the reformulation, contained it!
   The same like its brother perfume OBSESSION NIGHT, it contains Hydrolyzed Jojoba Esters.

   Many people had noticed already, that OBSESSION is very identical to MUST DE CARTIER - another very popular, significant and desirable perfume.

  Both of them had the same blend, but the difference between them is very very thin! 

    As I feel it:

   "If MUST DE CARTIER is delicate and warm elixir, OBSESSION is screaming fire spicy! Is MUST DE CARTIER is in dynamic "Piano", OBSESSION is in "Fortissimo"!"                                        Natalie Beaute  

   When you hold the bottles together and sniff them, you feel, that both are like twins!

   When you spray both of them - each one on each hand, wait for all the phases to develop and to finally dry down, than you can notice the similarities and the differences.


  • BOTH OF THEM have in the top notes equally vibrant and dominating and powerful Bergamot note, which opens strongly and goes through all the phases of the "development" of the perfume on the skin and it doesn't disappear, but stays with it!
  • BOTH OF THEM have emerging Lemon, Peach, Mandarin, among the top notes, which are opening only at the beginning, but as a part of the whole.
  • BOTH OF THEM have powerful Amber, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Civet, Vetiver notes, which are like the holding structure of the perfume, through which are running, emerging, disappearing and shining from time to time the other flowery-fruity combination of notes.
  • BOTH OF THEM in has detectable Bergamot+Vanilla+Amber+Civet and hint of Vetiver in the dry down, as Vanilla+Amber notes are most dominant.
   You can make experiment - use each one in different days for one week among the people, who are familiar or know them, and you will see, that it's hard even for them to guess which day, which perfume you wear.


  • OBSESSION is loud, MUST DE CARTIER is silent!
  • Soloing group of notes in OBSESSION, which are distinguishing it from MUST DE CARTIER:

  • Soloing group of notes in MUST DE CARTIER, which are distinguishing it from OBSESSION:

          Amber+Galbanum+Rosewood+Tonka Bean+
                 Orris Root+Ylang-Ylang+Aldehydes


   The perfume comes in massive transparent non-colored glass bottle, 30 ml, 50 ml, 100 ml, EDP, spray vaporisateur.

   Bought from HEPSIBURADA - online store (Turkey), next day delivered.

The product comes in box, wrapped and sealed with nylon


 OBSESSION by Calvin Klein is very hot-spicy and captivating potion, which never stays unnoticed.

   It's not everyday perfume.

   It's more recommended in Fall and Winter season, for evening wear.

   It's very strong and long lasting.

   Test before you buy!


Product image: Natalié Beauté

   Natalié Beauté

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