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09 January 2016

JOOP! FEMME - Femininity, Character, Warmth, Elegance, Class

   JOOP! FEMME - created in 1987 by Michel Almairac, is a Classical Perfume, saturated, concentrated like elixir, with dominating Oakmoss note and Bergamot sharpness, together with other typical ingredients - Aldehydes, Civet, Amber, Musk...

 JOOP! FEMME is a composition, which even being reformulated in the last years, is still keeping its character, depth, beauty.
  It has its own identity and if you can become friends with this rare trove, it could be your perfect signature scent.
   It's definitely perfume, which won't let you unnoticed!
   I recommend it to be wear in very special occasions.

   The Fragrance pyramid:


Aldehydes, Coriander, Fruity Notes, Bergamot, Lemon


Orange Blossom, Jasmine, Lily-Of-The-Valley, Rose


Sandalwood, Tonka Bean, Amber, Patchouli, Musc, Civet,
Oakmoss, Vanilla, Cedar

   Here, I'm reviewing reformulated version with manufacture date 28.11.2015 (verified with Checkfresh) and it doesn't contain Evernia Prunastri (Oakmoss) Extract, but obviously, some synthetic analogue.

   At the beginning, the notes, which are very noticeable and emerge are Aldehydes, Bergamot - very strong and dominating, hint of Lemon (calmed by the Fruity notes), Coriander presence.

   After little time, the Orange Blossoms are emerging very brightly (giving some sweetness, which reminds very much of its like a sister scent GABRIELA SABATINI - 1989), with the Jasmine together and hint of Rose reminiscence. There is some fruitiness, which stays in this stage also, some very light bubblegum note, which is almost non-separable, from the whole composition.

   After some more time, when the base notes start to show up on the stage, the main characters here are Vanilla, soft hint of Sandal and Amber, Civet's power, very noticeable powdery Musk, together with the most dominant note, which goes through whole the stages of the composition - Oakmoss (resemblance with CREATION -Ted Lapidus!
   Yes, the Oakmoss here is the star, followed by the Orange blossoms, Aldehydes, the sharpness of the Bergamot+the bitterness of the Patchouli, the half-vibrant Civet, the calm Amber.

   Of course, on your skin, it will give another notes and groups of emerging notes together.

   JOOP! FEMME is very "playing" fragrance, which can stays monolith, but surprisingly the next moment it disappears or starts to "sing" with different, not noticeable before tones, changing whole tonalities.
  The temperatures also make the picture very colorful and unpredictable.
  You must try it in different weather conditions also, especially in rainy days.


    The perfume comes in massive non-colored transparent glass bottle, designed in unusual geometric shape, 50 ml, 100 ml, EDT, natural spray, the fragrance has golden color.


   Very feminine, sensual and sexual scent.
  It's very strong and long lasting fragrance. It leaves behind you very detectable veil.

   It's this type of fragrance, that when you shake hands, you leave "mark" on the other hand and it reminds about you hours later, if the hands are not very well washed with a soap.

   TIP: Because of its intensity, I advice you to spray 2-3 times a cloud in the air and to go through very fast.

   ADVICE: Because it's Classical fragrance and you may not be able to understand it in its depth and beauty, from the very first time, I advice you to test it 2-3 times, before you buy, and every time, when you test it, go immediately on fresh air. This way, you will feel the fragrance very clear and much precisely, even better, than sniffing a box with coffee grains (in the store).


Product image: Natalié Beauté
   Natalié Beauté

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