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26 February 2016


  Beautiful, warm and sensual composition from powerful Musk-Freesia-Indian Jasmine-Amber notes.

   This unique in its own way fragrance, was created in 2001 by Bernard Ellena. 

 The bottle design, represents strongly stylized (in geometrical shapes) elongated woman silhouette with long dress.
 The same time - as the fashion house of Ted Lapidus claims, it shows two main elements-inspirations, which inspired the composition of the fragrance - Metal and Water. The cap is actually covered with very thin matte metal layer, giving an illusion as a pearly touch. The body of the beautiful bottle is matte in its upper part, and gradually becoming transparent in the lower part.

   The hint of modernity - as Ted Lapidus house also says, includes two "key values" for the woman - Emotion and Purity.

    LAPIDUS WOMAN is classified as "part of the Floral and Oriental olfactory fragrance" and the manufacturer's pyramid description is:


Freesia, Bergamot


Indian Jasmine, Orange Blossom


Patchouli, Vanilla, Amber Musk

   Very powerful notes in this fragrance are Freesia, Indian Jasmine and Amber Musk. During the normal Top-Heart-Base notes changes and "game" between them, these notes are constantly vibrating and creating one confident warm, cosy, musky aura around you, but the powerful Indian Jasmine and the soft Amber Musk, are giving oriental character and depth. These four ingredients are so powerfully making statement, that in some moments I look at this scent as mono fragrance - without pyramid. 
   Of course, as any other fragrance, in temperature changing or going outdoors in fresh air, the perfume instantly start to vibrate very vividly.


  The perfume comes in matte-transparent (from up to down) glass colorless bottle with elegant design (as described above), 5 ml, 30 ml, 50 ml, 100 ml, EDT, natural spray, with very thin layer metal covered matte cap. The fragrance is rose-tinted. This current version is manufactured April 2014 and approved with CheckFresh.

  One detail puzzled me - the description of the official fashion house website describes the bottle like "rose-tinted glass", as in fact all bottles (and especially those, from the last years editions) are not rose-tinted. The fragrance is tenderly rose-tinted.
  Hint: If one perfume contains natural Vanilla oil, after some time (and especially if it's not carefully stored - dark place, dry and normal temperatures) it will change its color into darker.

Nylon sealed box


  This fragrance is indeed very beautiful perfume, like late echo from one epoch of true real perfumes - deep, feminine, blooming.

   It's not everyday fragrance, despite it's suitable for daywear. It's very feminine, warm, sensual and much better to be weared for special events and moments, evening - also. Suitable for all ages.

  It's so unique and memorable, that it can be really perfect signature fragrance.

 Because of the intense of the Indian Jasmine, I would recommend (if it's possible) to try before you buy.


Product image: Natalié Beauté
   Natalié Beauté

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