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14 May 2016



   With the launching of L'EAU D'ISSEY in 1992, ISSEY MIYAKE opens new era in the perfume world - era of pure, watery, clean and naturally fresh scents, divine purity.

"The world's most beautiful are purest scent,  
is the scent of water on a woman's skin." 

   The "olfactory signature", as it's given from the company:

  Lotus, Rose, Lily, Precious woods. Trail - an aquatic floral and woody.

 The Lotus note is especially dominating. It makes me immediately think about MING SHU by Yves Rocher.

  The product, which I bought and will make short note today, is a Deodorant spray. Deodorant, which scent is equal to the perfume L'EAU D'ISSEY and very powerful, but not overwhelming.

   It keeps you fresh, dry and well scented for hours. The deodorant doesn't lose its power and silage. When you move, you feel the fresh scent of the perfume, as if you just applied it on your clean skin.
   The scent doesn't changes - it smells as compact bouquet of notes, dominated powerfully by the Lotus note.

   The manufacturer urges: "FOR UNDERARMS ONLY".

   The product doesn't leave white marks on your clothes!

   This product is perfect match with the perfume version of L'EAU D'ISSEY, so you can make them work together perfectly.


  The product comes in paper box, sealed with nylon, metallic flacon, 100 ml, deospray.

The batch code from the bottom of the spray and the paper box matches


   If you are fan of the Perfume version of L'EAU D'ISSEY, but not sure about buying the deo anti-perspirant version, you must know:  

   This is wonderful high quality product, which really does, what it claims to do!

   It keeps you feeling clean and fresh for all day long!


Product image: Natalié Beauté
   Natalié Beauté

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