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01 August 2016



   The "magic" of the '80s and '90s - in perfume bottles, became iconic for these decades...
  One of these iconic perfumes is "RED" by GIORGIO BEVERLY HILLS!

   RED is real treasure from the late '80s - still almost the same as character, depth, emanation!

   Created in 1989 by Bob Aliano, it soon turns into one of the most significant fragrances of that epoch and those Hollywood stars, from that time.

  Founded in 1961, Fred Hayman's small, but very well positioned (Rodeo Drive) and visionary orientated (as destination and as well as as unique fashion conception) luxury high-class boutique "Giorgio Beverly Hills", soon becomes a "must visit" place, of the "famous of the day".
    Face of the advertisement is the popular German model from the '80s - 90's Tatjana Patitz:

Tatiana Patitz - RED Giorgio Beverly Hills 1989

   RED is typical classic  perfume pyramid:


Cherry, Orange Flower, Ylang-Ylang, Osmanthus


Bulgarian Rose, Rose de Mai, Carnation, Gardenia, Jasmine


Amber, Patchouli, Cedar Wood, Vanilla

   I wish, the Top notes of this fragrance to last forever...
   So haunting, beautiful, addicting scent...

 RED opens with amazing light, but the same time hypnotizing wave from very delicious Cherry-Orange Flower liqueur, in "partnership" with Ylang-Ylang and Osmanthus juicy mix. It's so attracting, so obsessing...

  Little later, the scent settles down and before the Cherry disappears and appear the Heart notes, on the skin emerges note of Tobacco, which later disappears and under this Tobacco tone, appear Treemoss, together with the bouquet from Carnation (which is more dominant), Bulgarian Rose, Rose de Mai, Gardenia and Jasmine. I'm suspecting also presence of Aldehydes.
  This bitter and soft raw transitioning Tobacco-like note, emerges only, if you wear the perfume in wet and hot weather. This note (alleged for raw Tobacco), actually is the sharp mossy Treemoss scent, which in hot weather appears like Tobacco, but it is not. (The same "trick" happens with CABOCHARD by Gres, also, in the moment of the initial first spray. Later, the Tobacco note there, tame this smoky TREEMOSS NOTE and while it calms down, both start to "sound" together in unusual and soft union.)
   In cold weather, the transition to the Heart notes is fast, immediately revealing the Carnation and the other flowers. 
   In the Base, the scent is very calm, but still sensual. The Oakmoss and Treemoss are emerging, together with Patchouli and Cedar Wood. Personally I feel, that the Vanilla and Amber notes are much more detectable during the 1-st and the 2-nd phase, from the "developing" of the scent on the skin, especially in cold weather.

   This fragrance is "alive" - it reacts and changes together with the skin and the environmental temperatures and conditions more responsive, than the other perfume compositions.

  It's very interesting, how the scent will develop on the different people. As we all know, the perfumes reacts together with the individual body chemistry.

   It's very elegant, very classic and classy, very feminine and sensual fragrance. 
   It can be suitable for all ages, depending on the style, the natural appearance and the manners of the person, wearing it - everything is individual! 

 RED is giving you that magical aura, which makes everything else around to sense your presence in other, extraordinary way.

   RED is your ticket to the red carpet in the life.

   RED is your glamorous You!

   The body moisturizer is very nice variant, as addition of the fragrance, but like body-skin scent. Leaves the skin nicely moisturized, delicately scented and smooth.

RED - Extraordinary Perfumed Body Moisturizer,

    This set, which I found, contains:
   1. Extraordinary EDT Spray, 90 ml, transparent colorless bottle, scent with color like dark amber or whiskey.
  2. Extraordinary Perfumed Body Moisturizer, 200 ml, plastic tube, light beige color, light texture. Smells mostly Treemoss/Oakmoss, fortifying the Base notes of the perfume, when you are using both of the products together.
   Batch code shows m.d. - 2013-02


 Sensual, Feminine, Magnetic, Delicious, Sexy, Elegant, Classic and Classy, Sophisticated Perfume for real Woman and Lady, who has all these qualities within her Soul and Nature.

   If you want to remind to yourself for time to time the magic of the '80s - '90s, to remember, to re-experience again the spirit of these decades, their glamour and incredibility, RED by GIORGIO BEVERLY HILLS is the right time capsule for you!

   If you love and appreciate Classic fragrances - this is MUST HAVE perfume!

   RED is perfect for Signature fragrance!
   It speaks, instead of you! 
   It's your individuality booster!

   RED is all you need!


Product image: Natalié Beauté
   Natalié Beauté

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