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10 July 2013


Almond oil

  In the rapidly growing cosmetic industry rarely pay attention to natural stimulants - oil. Accelerate cell metabolism, improve hydration and contribute to the formation of collagen and fibrinogen. They are an indispensable ingredient in a quality modern cosmetics, natural products in base and precious health supplement.

   They are doing massage, cleansing creams and beach, invest in cosmetic masks are also used as basic substances in aromatherapy.

        Of all vegetable oils almond is the most widely used. Greasy and nourishing, soothing and softening, gives velvety softness and smoothness. Suitable for all skin types regardless of age and protects skin from forming wrinkles.

    Is obtained by cold pressing the kernels of bitter almonds. A liquid with yellow-green color, pleasant smell and taste. It probably originated in the Middle East. Quickly spread to southern Europe, western Asia, California, South Australia and South Africa.
      His oil composition is closest to human, which necessitated its use in various creams, nourishing masks and ointment. No coincidence that since ancient times used as a massage oil for babies and is called "skin oil".
   Used also as a stimulus for nourishing hair roots. Adds elasticity and shine of hair.
      Store in a cool dark place, not rancid.

Almond milk

    Almond milk is rich in vitamin A and E and minerals and is prepared by nuts pour hot water (to be peeled) and then crush them and strain.

  Nourishing Day Cream is prepared from 4 g of aluminum sulfate, alcohol '12, albumen '15, '50 almond milk and rosewater 200g. This nice mix of water bath.

      For muscle pain associated with rheumatism or tension can make a cream containing '50 white wax, 100 g of cocoa butter, almond butter, 150 g, 120 g of onion juice and rose water in '50.

    Prepare for summer sunscreen by dissolving 10 drops of nutmeg oil in 10 ml almond oil.
Against seborrhea apply a mixture of chopped burdock root and almond oil.

    If you frequently wash your hair, not to wear, anoint the tips of your hair with almond oil for about 15 minutes before bath.

     Hair mask - mix 50 ml almond oil, 5 ml lemon juice, 5 ml of alcohol and one yolk. Stir the mixture to simmer until a homogeneous mixture.

Almond oil - hair treatment

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