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10 July 2013


   Each of us secretly dream to be at the Snow White and the envious glances when looking for similarities and differences in the mirror, then she whispers to them, it is more beautiful ... and smash and ask themselves - why, why ... I use less expensive cosmetics. Use, but maybe wrong. And the little Snow White with almond eyes and white skin looks beautiful.

    How to peek into the secret of snow Snow?

   The snow is really a beauty brand. Low temperatures not only retained for longer food, but the beauty of female skin. Even as we know, life expectancy is higher among people from the Nordic countries compared to those living around the equator.

    Speaking of that expensive cosmetics is an advantage of the rich, the ice too. The corridors of the palace of Louis XIV, is murmured that the secret of one of the ladies of the court, which was more advanced in age, but looked very beautiful and is exactly preserved ice because it required every night to bring her into the bedroom in two basins Ice.

   We have the privilege this winter to have snow more than two basins. Our problem is to find a ball of pure snow. Wrap it in cloth and rub the face, eyelids very carefully, and quite a long neck, as the snow begins to ran.

  It is good to do these manipulations in the morning immediately after getting up before we washed the night cream. Has awakening and refreshing.

  Or the night after we got, carrying in his hand instead blossomed branch, a ball powder snow.

   The whole procedure takes about ten minutes, skin feels visibly refreshed and wrinkles disappear.

     Try massaging after such a mask to look in the mirror, you will surely see a smiling girl with shining eyes and rosy cheeks, who is not afraid of life and is light years away from old age.

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