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26 March 2013


   Hi, friends :)!

   These days I got impressed by the new Nivea's products Stress protect for ladies.

   You know, it's not about good advertising or campaign, but it's about really good product, which responds in well enough way to what everyone of us needs for daily protection and fresh feeling and pureness.

   This Nivea product doesn't have the usual Nivea's fragrance, which is characteristic of all products of this brand. I mean - once you smell it, you can tell "This is Nivea!".
   It's new composition and if you prefer fresh, optimistic, delicate, light, beautiful aromas - this is for you. But, if you prefer the "classical" type of Nivea's fragrances, than better to choice one of the other Nivea products.
Nivea Stress Protect Deo Spray
   Nivea Stress Protect for women offers to us Deo Spray, Stick and Roll-on.
   In this case - I personally prefer Deo Spray (we need changes from time to time).
Nivea Stress Protect Roll-on
Nivea Stress Protect Deo Stick
   Why I do like this product?
   Searching for Deo product for the coming Spring, I was following the idea about what I'm searching for this time:
   1. New
   2. Better defense
   3. Light fragrance
   4. Different aroma, than the any other, which are known to me till this moment brands
   5. Fresh, Optimistic, Beautiful
   Now this is my Number One Deo Spray the same as my other favorites - Rexona Linen Dry and Fresh Shower.    Nivea Stress Protect Deo Spray has same character of the fragrance as Rexona Dry Linen.    So, for those of you, who are searching for Protection, Style, and amazing fragrance - this is your product:
   One think I find as weak - if you apply too much, it leaves white marks.
TO BE CONTINUE... Rexona Dry Linen
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