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02 August 2013


   Hello, Friends!

   Today I want to post some examples of very nice Lady's night dresses, which I am wearing sometimes on the stage. 

   I am talking about IPEKYOL. This Fashion Brand (Turkey), really represent on the market very special wearing for any occasions, for any moments of our daily life, or for special events.

   Their clothes have some specific signature, which can not be mistaken and their models fits perfect on the ladies bodies, giving very special aura and appearance.
Dresses Models - Collection 2013
Night Models - 2013
   Here, I will show examples of some of my clothes, which I admire not only, because of their model, but also, because of the QUALITY, which is very high!
   Available in 3 colors - Pink, Green, Black.

   This model is really very nice looking on the body and especially with pink or green sandals on high heels. 
   Because I own the pink one, usually, I am wearing this dress with pink lacquered sandals on very high heels.
Fairytale - Shrek

IF I COULD SEE YOU AGAIN - YIRUMA (Live Performance, Natalie NG - Piano)


   This model, IPEKYOL offers in 3 different colors - Black, Pink, Orange.
   It gives look similar to ESCHEL models - band dresses.
   I own the orange dress. I wear it with orange high heels "Bambi":
   The model I own, has little difference than this model on the photo above, but the profile of the heels is the same. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the same photo of the shoes.
   Here, you can see how it looks my dress on me and the shoes also :)
   Suitable with very high heels in Black or Indigo Color.
   Still, I didn't made any video to be able to show how it looks like, but it is really very beautiful! Especially on fair tan and beautiful massive Swarovski Necklace!      Or one decorative from EUROMODA
   I recommend IPEKYOL as very high quality Brand for Ladies. The company's conception has its own individuality, which gives unique aura and appearance to the contemporary modern Woman, who owns her own style and signature.
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  1. Hi, Natalie! How are you? Very beautiful post with lovely outfits :) Moreover, I've been watching your live performances videos and I would like to express my sincere admiration for your wonderful and gifted work - really beautiful :)
    All the best!

  2. Hi! So nice to hear from you :)! How are you? Thank you very much for the nice words! You are always welcome :)! I am also reading your blog, but I must do something about Wordpress, to be able to leave comments! I like your articles very much! If you have facebook, you can find me there - here you can see, my group and page! Just leave me a message to see your account! What's new with you?

  3. Hello, Natalie! You are welcome! And thank you for your very kind reply and for liking my articles :) :) Oh, I am so sorry, but I am not a FB user... I think the easiest and most practical way to interact with Wordpress pages is to create a personal account at Gravatar and to stay logged on it. It was the way I began to submit comments before having my own WP blog ;)
    And I am fine, thank you. I'm getting deeper into the study of photography - it is so fascinating!
    Many cheers!

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  5. Thank you! I'm happy you like it! Share and enjoy! :)