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29 August 2015

8x4 Pure - Reminiscence of Ming Shu (Yves Rocher)...

   Do you miss MING SHU?...

   Here might be a decision for you, if you are in situation you can't find it, but at least you can try this:

Lily, Watermelon, Seaweed   
   I recently came across this very high quality Perfume Deodorant - 8x4 PURE.
  It reminded me very much my favorite Ming Shu perfume, which I can't find now, unfortunately.

   The biggest resemblance is coming from Nymphaea Stellata, known as Blue Lotus, Star Lotus or Water Lily. 

Ming Shu is Aquatic Floral

Top notes: Marine Notes, Pepper

Mid.notes: Nymphaea Stellata, Ylang-Ylang

Base notes: Sandalwood, Vanilla

   Some little difference comes from the sweet note of the Watermelon, but overall - both of them are Aquatic, with Lily presence and very pure as spirit.

   They radiate sensuality and pureness the same time.

   I find 8x4 very high quality product. It stays for hours, provides protection without betray. Doesn't leave spots on the clothes. Gives delicate fragrance. And most of everything - it reminds me Ming Shu so much :)!...


   You can wear it in any occasion. Even you don't need parfume. In case, if you have both of these scents, you can make the perfect combination.


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   Natalié Beauté

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